Images from Susan Boyle Live at ITV1 – I Dreamed A Dream

Just a quick post. These are images from tonight’s Susan Boyle performance Live at ITV1. Susan Boyle performed Wild Horses, Cry Me A River, and also along with the London cast of Les Miserables, she performed her winning single – I Dreamed A Dream. Just one word – Awesome! Another word – Spellbinding.

And yes, the show was hosted by – Piersy Baby!! 😛

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Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Finale

**DIVERSITY** Winner of BGT 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Finale

Yes, the big moment is here. It is Big Finale night of Britain’s Got Talent. All the blood, sweat and hardships end tonight. Will it be a night to remember with stellar performances from all the ten acts, or is the pressure of Final night going to be way too much to handle for some of them. No matter what, we are in for a treat for sure. From the auditions, to Shortlisting for the Semi-Finals and then to the Weeklong Live Semi-Finals, it has been such a strenuous journey. For the finalists as well, this has been such a roller-coaster ride.

Who’d have thought an old lady from a Scottish village would become the Internet sensation of the year, and at the same time the target of the Paparazzi!!

Who’d have thought a small lad from Wales could pull off a legendary Jennifer Holiday number!!

Who’d have thought Greeks dancing in an Irish fashion could be so much fun!!

Who’d have thought a Saxophone could emote so much, so well!!

Who’d have thought Dancing could reach levels of national praise!!

And finally, who’d have thought that we would find someone as good [if not better] as George Sampson!!
[The other acts that I did not mention, I believe are not potential contenders for the title].

Coming back to the Finale, it’s on at an early time slot: 6:45 pm, London Time. We will be covering it Live, yet again. [ I am already getting depressed that after tonight, the show will be over. Darn! But that’s life.]
See you at the Finale.


The Liveblogging of the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 [ As and when it happens]

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The Finalists of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 and Predictions

Britain's Got Talent 2009

We are less than 20 hours away from the Big Finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. From thousands of auditions shortlisted to 200, then 40 for the live Semi-Finals, we are now down to the 10 Finalists. We have gone through one helluva rollercoaster week of mind-numbing, ear-bursting, earth shattering performances. We have also tolerated the utterly ugly and disgusting ones too [You know which ones I am referring to]. But here we are just going to talk about the Final 10.

**LIST OF FINALISTS OF BGT 2009: Season 3**

Shaheen Jafargholi
Julian Smith
Stavros Flatley
Susan Boyle
Shaun Smith
2 Grand
Aidan Davis
Hollie Steel

We are gonna discuss each of them and make our predictions of the winner of this years Britain’s Got Talent. But before that, lemme just say it. This years bunch is bigger, better and a healthy bunch of absolutely deserving finalists. And by that I mean, we wont have to see any buzzers go off in the finals. We wont see negative comments [hopefully] for any of the performances. But as Simon said: They all have their shot at it. It can be anybody’s game now. On one hand , we have the entire world rooting their eyes on the Internet sensation: Susan Boyle. But we know [ secretly, we all know] that there are actually better performances than Susan Boyle [arguably. Yeah yeah! I don’t get her vocals etc etc!!] Looking at the list of the Final 10, the obvious names that emerge as potential threats, or even show stealers for tomorrow’s Finale are: Shaheen Jafargholi, Aidan Davis, Julian Smith and finally either of Diversity and Flawless.
Anyway, let’s get back to the Final 10 oneact at a time. First it’s Shaheen.

Shaheen Jafargholi:
Auditions: He gave us Jackson 5.
Semi Final: He gave us Jennifer Holiday.
What is in store for tomorrow’s performance? What can be bigger than a Jennifer Holiday song? Can it be some Arethra Franklin? What do you say? Will a “Chain of Fools” do justice to Shaheen’s vocal range? Too many questions. The answer is simple. Whatever maybe the outcome, Shaheen is definitely getting a record deal with SyCo [Simon Cowell] and with a voice like that, he will make it big for sure. He is very young, talented, confident and has the charms to make him a complete saleable commodity. He is already a winner. And with reported upset replies from Susan Boyle, we can surely see the reason. Of course, we are cheering for Shaheen all the way. GO SHAHEEN!!!

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Liveblogging: Britain’s Got Talent 2009-Semi Final 5


~~ Through to the Finale of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

** Finalists Review and Predictions of the Winner of BGT Finale. Click here **

Britain's Got Talent 2009

Right, time to roll the dice . This is the last Semi-Final night. It’s Friday and at 8:30 pm, London Time, on ITV1, we will witness the final 8 semi-final performers trying to make a place in the last two spots left at the Grand Finale to be held tomorrow. It is Semi Final 5 of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. We are almost there with the complete list of the finalists to perform; the only two missing will come from tonight’s list of performers and they are:

Aidan Davis (Solo Dance Act; very George Sampson-esque, and he is pretty damn good)
DCD Seniors (Dance Troupe from Cardiff)
The Dreambears (Comedy Dance Group; It was actually quite funny in the auditions)
Good Evans The cute singing family act from Coventry. They are such a cute act to watch
Greg Pritchard ( He sang Nessun Dorma in the auditions at an unattainable pitch; He looks like a rockstar and sings opera;definitely not the favorite of the night)
Hollie Steel (The favorite to win the night, and for sure a strong contender as well, she looks like a little ballerina and has the voice of an angel)
Luke Clements (The fruit juggler act, and he loves apples; Simon challenged him to do it with melons)
Martin “Gos” Matcham (Did a very Karaoke version of “I want to Break Free”, but has the world’s coolest guitar[at least the most glowing]. But is he good enough to make it, and will Simon get a good bashing from Martin’s mother-in-law yet again? Watch the clip.)

My favorite act of the night [and also to win]: Hollie Steel
Most undeserving act: Martin Matcham
Likely to win the audience vote: Hollie Steel
Most likely to be buzzed off: Martin Matcha,
Judges choice: Aidan Davis

So to sum up my predictions, the acts that are going through for the finals from tonight’s Semi Finals are: Hollie Steel and Aidan Davis. Would you support my judgement?

The Fifth Semi-Final is on tonight :8.30 pm, London Time, on ITV1. We’ll be there to cover it live. And yes, Paul Potts, winner of Season 1 of BGT will be performing tonight as well. See you there!!!

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The Liveblogging of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 – Semi Final 5. [ As and when it happens]
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