Kai Po Che (2013) – [Movie Review]

Kai Po Che - Ishaan, Omi, Govi

Many other reviewers have already written at length about the bromance, the backdrop of Gujarat, and the two mammoth events that surround Abhishek Kapoor’s sophomore act – Kai Po Che . But it would be completely unfair if we were to sum up Kai Po Che with just that outline. Based on Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes Of My Life, Kai Po Che offers so much more that even on my best attempt, I feel the inadequacy of my embrace. I have already attempted to write this review, and then had to re-write it  a few more times. I found myself at loss of words when I tried to sum up my thoughts on a movie so rich, and profound, that it only led me to a never-ending sea of ideas that I kept rediscovering.

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Rekha-tober: The Navrang of Rekha

Rekha - Utsav

Remember Mr.Mathur in Mast? Arre, Aftab’s Papa, who goes to his wardrobe in the closing scenes of the movie, and stares at his hidden poster of Rekha, as the soundtrack plays on – Uske Sivaa, Kuch Yaad Nahi !!! Yes, to a whole generation of desi cinephiles and beyond, Rekha is an inspiration, an intoxication which has been making us ‘Mast’ for ages. She is beauty personified, and she is the personification of the word ‘ Heroine’. In a career which has spanned across almost five decades, she is an institution in itself. It is almost impossible to confine her body of work in just a list of Navrang ( Nine shades ). But here I am, doing that exact ‘khata’. The only reason to have my list restricted to 9 types is because of the existence of the word Navrang itself. And also, it looks a bit more clean, tidy and organised innit.

So here we go, ..

The Navrang of Rekha

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Tweeting the Movie: Aisha (2010)

Disclaimer: The intention of this post is not to mar any person’s dignity or self esteem, dead or alive. Its just a piss take and please take it in the best of the spirits. Please don’t sue me. I am not a rich dude. KTHXBAI!

Ok, I am the occasional chick-flick visitor. I have watched the likes of Notting Hill (who hasn’t), Bridget Jones Diary etc etc. On quite a few occasions, I have managed to even like them. Not because of the underlying romance, but because the characterisation was very well dealt with. Be it the failing travel book store owner or the dumped writer who falls for the Portuguese girl or even the dancing Prime Minister (I know you know all those references). Which now brings me to Aisha, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma (as the publicity press releases say) and unofficially copied from Clueless. I have neither read the book, nor seen the Alicia Silverstone movie. So what I write here, is just judging the movie by its own strengths and flaws.

Well you remember the first of the series – Tweeting the Movie – Veer( Part 1 and Part 2) . So here I am, with Chapter 2 – Aisha. Its always fun to take the piss out of movies which make you realise about the two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. And so here I am, spending more than 2 hours to get this post done.
P.S. The language on this post can get a bit too colourful for your taste, if you know what I mean 😉

Aisha - Sonam Kapoor Hiya @everyone. I am like totally awesome chick.

I like, spend my rich Dad’s hard-earned cash for a living and have nicknamed it ‘Event Management’. How cool! #winwin

And like, I totally dig true love. Its so cute to see MILFs getting hitched with DILFs innit. #AishaIsAwesome Pls RT. kthxbye 😉


Aisha - Sonam KapoorP.S. I like animals, I pretend to like Polo coz its totally upmarket.

Quick, time for an Elle makeover twitpic.

I’m having a hangover from that party I had last night. Hence the glasses.

Also, I can’t remember which movie I am in right now. Is this ‘I Hate Luv Stories’? #hangover

Also, I so love sobbing whilst I watch that Kajol-SRK dancing in the rain scene from K2H2. That movie is my Bible.


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Review: Antaheen (2009)

Antaheen Title Wallpaper

There is just something about beautiful movies that makes them so effortlessly loveable. ‘Antaheen’ is one such movie. And even though it does try to ruin it with some really jittery additions to the narrative, I have failed, quite miserably, in my attempt to not like it. I am in love with this movie and after having watched it twice , I am very sure that it is indeed one of the finest that Bengali cinema has produced in the last couple of years.

There is no single storyline which carries you forward. But writer Shyamal Sengupta’s narrative shuffles between characters and it is their individual slices of life that build the streamlines which finally coalesce to the larger story arc. And Director Anirudhha Roy Chowdhury aces in that. It is a collage of love stories, one which speaks of love in different forms and in varying degrees. So there is Love in the first drops of rain which drench the Kolkata horizon; there is love in the heavy shower which splashes the glass panes; there is love in a random sight such as a kite stuck to a roof antennae. And there is love in the endless wait for a stranger’s call. While ‘Antaheen’ can be accused of high emotional and hopeless romantic exaggeration, it also portrays real life moments with equal ease. Moments of loneliness and mid-life crisis, and moments of unhappiness in marriages.

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