Krrish 3 - Meme

The Krrish 3 Trailer Explained In GIFs and Memes [Trailer Masala]

The trailer for the most anticipated Diwali Release of 2013, FilmKraft’s Krrish 3 has landed on the interwebs. And the world has exploded into pieces resulting from the awesomeness. Or rather from the confusion behind- Where the Fuck is Krrish 2?  I am writing this as a result of the regeneration that I have achieved through multiple hours of Yoga – yes, Baba Ramdev’s Kapal-Bharati is the only route to Time-Lordism.


Enough chit-chat. We are here to demystify the many secrets embedded in Krrish 3‘s 2 minute 15 seconds trailer.


There’s double Hrithiks having an almost Rakhi Gulzar / Nirupa Roy moment, a metal Vivek, a cleavaged metal Kangna, a flying tongue, a city which is celebrating Diwali only with blue fireworks, and so much more. There’s farts – not just mere mortal ones, but ones with superhero DNA being used as a biological weapon. So, you do NOT want to miss out this. Hit the jump already!

Statutory Warning: The visuals in Krrish 3’s trailer mark great resemblance to many superhero, scifi movies. But then that has been the only one thing consistent about this franchise.  

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Kai Po Che (2013) – [Movie Review]

Kai Po Che - Ishaan, Omi, Govi

Many other reviewers have already written at length about the bromance, the backdrop of Gujarat, and the two mammoth events that surround Abhishek Kapoor’s sophomore act – Kai Po Che . But it would be completely unfair if we were to sum up Kai Po Che with just that outline. Based on Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes Of My Life, Kai Po Che offers so much more that even on my best attempt, I feel the inadequacy of my embrace. I have already attempted to write this review, and then had to re-write it  a few more times. I found myself at loss of words when I tried to sum up my thoughts on a movie so rich, and profound, that it only led me to a never-ending sea of ideas that I kept rediscovering.

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Saturday Soundtrack: Jaanu Meri Jaan – Shaan (1980)

Shaan - Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor: Jaanu Meri Jaan
Shaan was a game changer for the 1980’s brand of movies. Ramesh Sippy’s 2nd movie after the massive hit – Sholay, this was Bollywood’s take on the many Roger Moore and Sean Connery Bond movies. With larger than life villains and their lairs filled with sharks, gas chambers, sidekicks in uniforms and revolving chairs, Shaan had it all. A Bollywood version of all those elements meant that a smashing soundtrack had to accompany this yummy dish. And Panchamda’s wicked menu offers flavours of Banjara dhinchaak – Yamma Yamma, the diva cabaret – Pyar Karne Waale, the Bond themed – Doston se Pyar Kiya, the  nautanki track – Dariya mein Jahaaz, and the Mazhar Khan green screen extravangza – Naam Abdul Hai Mera. But the one track that cracks the soundtrack open with its insane arrangement of crazy instruments that only Panchamda could’ve brought it together, is – Jaanu Meri Jaan.

And I dedicate my Saturday Soundtrack to this immortal track, which brings many fond memories of my childhood associated to it.
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Deconstructing: Shahrukh Khan slaps Shirish Kunder [OKS Exclusive]

Slapgate Meme - SRK slaps Shirish Kunder

January has been very rewarding in terms of providing us trending hashtags to tweet about. From #Agneepath, to #Filmfare, to #SlapGate. For the uninitiated, SRK, in the wee hours of the celebration party of Agneepath (hosted by Sanjay Dutt), performed a slapasoarus act on Farah Khan’s husband, Shirish Kunder. Apparently, the long haired editor had it coming (as the SRK fans would tell ya!), because of his open criticism of Ra.One on twitter.

Whether you belong to the #TeamSRK, or #TeamFarah, these two sets do not intersect any more (i.e. no common elements anymore – c’mon, it’s basic arithmetic). Here is a deconstruction of the events that happened, according to unofficial sources:-

Warning: All events depicted below are fictitious, and are in no way, related to any event of the past, present or future. We come from another timeline and dimension altogether – known as Desi-Funkistan. The author will NOT entertain any threats, lawsuits or hate-mails, as he cannot read any language on Earth. This post is the result of a very highly sophisticated Fun-English translator.

OKS Exclusive: Unofficial Footage of SRK hitting SK

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