Separated At Birth – V

Haven’t done this for a while. So I have put on my observation glasses which see in a different dimension than your normal bi-focals. After all, I am not your regular mango people (aam-aadmi, ok, I ruined the joke).
Now, I did come up with this a long time back, but having seen one of the ladies recently in a very beautiful avatar, I couldn’t help but just spill the beans.
Hint 1: Marion Cotillard. Oh! I was supposed to give a hint. Eh! Ever since I saw her first in La Vie En Rose ( her Oscar winning role as Edith Piaf), I haven’t stopped loving her. And now that I have seen her play the menacing subconscious (oh noes spoiler?) of Mr.Cobb in Inception, I cannot stop thinking about her (and the movie). So, in the Red corner, here’s Marion Cotillard.

Hint 2: Now who could look like Miss Cotillard possibly. C’mon think! I don’t think this is going to be tough. C’mon, I know you must have thought the same too. A Bollywood connection? Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Miss Universe 1994, and one of the most elegant beauties of Bollywood – Sushmita Sen. WHOA!

Didn’t you figure it out? Have a look below.

Do you guys agree with my observation? Shout it out in the comments.

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HD-licious: Avatar

HD-licious is a new section to spread the HD Love. Of late, I have collected quite a lot of HD resources which I want to share with everyone. This section will have a lot of visual show-off of the High Definition kind.

And what better way to start this new section with Avatar; James Cameron’s Magnum Opus, releasing this December. Oh yes, click the images to get to the Full HD screencaps. Obviously, I could not include the High-Definition screens directly on here. Just feast your eyes darling, at the H-Delicious Nom Noms.

**** HD Screenshots of Avatar ****

Avatar Title

**** Lots more HD Screenshots of Avatar after the Jump ****

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Voldemort vs. Orochimaru:

Watching The Half Blood Prince made me realise a lot of things. One of them was that how an almost 3 hour movie with wizardry, dark-lords, death, and zombies could be turned into a 2.5 hours soap-opera. I mean, give me a break from the Love potioned Ron Weasley, or the Harry-Hermione emotional atyachar! I paid friggin 11 quid for this seat. Now just blast my eyes with some fireworks already! And yes, when you choose certain scenes for 3D over others, please try and select the ones which could be termed ‘sexy’ rather than plain-ol conversations in the hallway, or a lounge chair morphing into Mr.Jim Broadbent. #fail #fail #fail.

But yes, one of the other things which has emerged from the many discussions I have been having with my friends [especially that David bloke], is that how similar Voldemort – the ultimate dark lord, and the ultimate dark-Ninja we know of – Orochimaru are. So here I am, doing my analysis of their similarities and the differences as well. Whether, Harry Potter inspired Naruto [as in JK Rowling inspired Kishimoto] is a very sensitive debate which is out of the scope of this argument. We will be restricting our analysis to whether Voldemort and Orochimaru are indeed similar or not. Part 2 of the Analysis will be trying to answer a Kick-Ass question, literally – In a duel, who will kick who’s butt [and who will eat the dust] -Voldemort or Orochimaru. Pick your side!

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Star Trek – Rebooted!

IMAX Ticket for STAR TREK 2009

Star Trek Movie Still
After much anticipation, Is the new Star Trek movie actually any good?

YOU BET YOUR ARSE IT IS! My main reservation was whether or not I could buy Zachary Quinto’s portrayalof Spock and not just see a brooding Sylar. I’m happy to report after a few moments into the film all such thoughts vanished from my mind. In fact, I think it was a masterstroke in casting. To be honest the whole reimagining of the franchise was a breath of fresh air. Here’s a quick account of the Characters :-

Spock Zachary Quinto Star Trek

Spock – Undoubtedly Spock stole the show. This must have been a very welcome diversion for Quinto in allowing him to showcase his acting ability in a vessel other than Sylar. Great emphasis was placed on Spock’s struggle to accept his maternal human half. In fact the plot hangs on it! The portrayal of this icon of the Sci-Fi world feels like it has been handled with the reverence it deserves.

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