The Essential Euphoria Playlist

EUPHORIA !!! The word itself fills my thoughts with splashes of colours and happiness. And that’s how Euphoria’s music is  – vibrant, melodic, beautiful and very Indian, and not in a dumbed-down way. And along with the upbeat songs of the folk genre, they have also some really heartwarming love ballads and even Qawwalis. Euphoria’s spectrum of music genre is spread wide and can be defined only as what Palash calls it – Hind Rock! And each of their videos has a story to tell, a proper story, like a mini-movie of sorts.

For the uninitiated, the band line-up as of now is :

Back row: Palash Sen (lead vocalist, standing)
Front row L to R: Ashwini(drums), Benny (Keyboard), Irshad(dholak and percussions), DJ Bhaduri (Bass Guitar),
Reshu (dholak and percussions), Hitesh (Guitars).

I, personally, have seen them perform live once at my college campus (NIT Silchar), and there is only one thing which I want to say bout it. Man, they performed for almost 3 hours straight. And what a flawless set. They sing their favorites from the albums released so far, and apart from that do covers as well such as – Another One Bites the Dust, Every Breath You Take and Smoke on the Water. It has been almost 4 years now since that concert, and I can still vividly remember the wild fun that I had.  And so,  in memory of that awesome one wild night, here I list down 10 of my favourite Euphoria songs.

10. Raja Rani

This begins with a high pitched Palash belting out a Rajasthani folksy lyrical syllable. The instruments used are also reminiscent of Rajasthani folk. And so is the video, which is filled with beautiful deserts, puppets, colorful turbans and a cutesy love story. And the lyrics has elements of national integration – Multani, Bangaali, Dogra. How can you not love this?

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India’s Got Talent: Season 1- Grand Finale

Hey there! This is the last post in the India’s Got Talent series this season. Thankfully, the space of the 10 finalists on the Grand Finale got increased by 1 – Thanks to the Judges Wild Card entry. In the Wild Card Entry special, out of the 6 contestants who battled it out, my favorite – Aslam Khan Langa Group got selected. The previous night , which was the Independence Day Special, saw 6 special acts showcasing their talents to become the India’s Got Talent show-stealer- Bharat ki Shaan. The acts which competed that night included amongst others, Illuminati [ aka the Super Mario act ], Soham Brass Band from Delhi and . The criteria for selection of these acts is unknown, but yes the motive was clear. After the online adulation and success achieved by Illuminati, the producers – BIG Synergy wanted to show some sort of acceptance to the Illuminati Group – and very rightly so.

Nikhil and Ayushman hosting IGT

Coming back to the Grand Finale – Ayushman and Nikhil were dressed in their best of suits, and so were the judges. The stage was set, and the acts were about to be unveiled.Here we go. ***Lotsa screenshots after the jump.** Read More

India’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Roundup

The Good, The Bad, And the mediocre!

I’d rather let the pictures do the talking in this post. And yes, there are many. The five semi-finals of India’s Got Talent were held from 26th of July to the 9th of August. Each Semi-final episode selected two out of ten acts, hence sending ten acts to the Grand Finale. What was not expected, was that there will be a WildCard entry round which will be a battle between a few acts which the judges thought were deserving to be in the Finals. No idea which acts will those ones be, but am rooting for Aslam Khan and Group, from Rajasthan. I just love Qawwali, Sufi and Rajasthani Folk music. But for now, let’s see who made it to the top 10, and who did not quite make it.

Semi-Final 1:

Winners: Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain

Lokmanya Tilak Sanskritik Nyas, Ujjain

I believe this is the best that could and would happen to the group. They are in the finals, and it is not any small feat. But, frankly speaking, this is not a act to beat.

Sneha and Richard

IGT Sneha and Richard

For the Salsa duo, jazzing and burning the dance floor with their svelte moves and ravishing chemistry, this is just the beginning. They might not win this competition, but there are bigger worlds to conquer.

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Music Review: ROCK ON

\m/.Bollywood Rock has Arrived. And it is FULL ON.\m/

Rock OnSo we have it. The first Indian Rock Bollywood soundtrack. Ugh! I so hate to call it that. It is a Bollywood movie soundtrack-Yes! And it IS ROCK. How Indian? I can see no Indianization in it (except for the Hindi lyrics) and it is an all out-full throttle Rock soundtrack with no holds barred. No cliche’ sitar addition or an Indian classical solo on a distorted electric guitar in the arrangement of which Indian Rock soundtracks in Bollywood are known to be. Nothing wrong about them as well. But Rock On’s soundtrack is what it is-ROCK ON. It is somehow an Indian tribute to the many Legends of Rock that we have grown up listening to –AC/DC, Megadeth,The Who et al. And I know it for sure that Farhan Akhtar saw way too many concert DVDs before sitting down to sing for the soundtrack. The attitude, the grunge and the punch in the vocals comes through easily, and yes, get ready to be hit by the Vocals. And well, it might not be a totaly new sound for us Rock fans, who pretty much listen to it all the time, it is a big welcome change for Bollywood Music. And quite frankly, it seems funny (in a good way) to hear Hindi lyrics on a Rock Song. As always, I am gonna go the reverse way -Last track first.

But well, there is now a twist to it. The Last track is a Live version of the second track in the album. SO let’s go for it together. Track 2 and 8: Pichle Saat Dinon Mein – Farhan Akhtar on the vocals. I know it is Ehsaan on the guitars belting out the riff. 🙂 . The lyrics is as silly as it could be , but well you don’t expect a very metaphorical referencing rhyme in a Rock Song-not this one. It is about what stuff the guy lost in the last seven days. And it contains things as trivial as a Laundry Bill, a lady’s phone number, a king of hearts from the deck of cards, and a silver ring. Pretty meaningless and irrelevant, unless we hear the organ sound in the background, the riff, and the chorus going Na Na Na Na Na!! And hold on it does contain the Lines- Maryjane ka ek packet, Meri Denim ka ek Jacket. And who did we say wrote the lyrics. Read More