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HD-licious is a new section to spread the HD Love. Of late, I have collected quite a lot of HD resources which I want to share with everyone. This section will have a lot of visual show-off of the High Definition kind.

And what better way to start this new section with Avatar; James Cameron’s Magnum Opus, releasing this December. Oh yes, click the images to get to the Full HD screencaps. Obviously, I could not include the High-Definition screens directly on here. Just feast your eyes darling, at the H-Delicious Nom Noms.

**** HD Screenshots of Avatar ****

Avatar Title

**** Lots more HD Screenshots of Avatar after the Jump ****

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Wagon Rags-The Making of Devil’s Ride

Ladies n Gents, Boyz n Gals, make room for the Rock to hit you, coz here they are: Wagon Rags to knock your socks off with their rock and well make Bollywood remixed bitches eat dust. But well, Mr.Lead Singer, Jh**ga (though he specifically mentioned his displeasure over being referred by this name and that Jh**ga is not derived from Abhishek JHA but from his affinity to prawn dishes) would put it otherwise. (I asterisked the name coz my chicken platter is at stake) He says, Wagon Rags aren’t here to compete or battle against any form of music. Wagon Rags are just here to belt out their music and sweep the crowd off their feet. Ok, I know Wordsworth said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. And well, “A little of Self Promotion is SuJOY forever *wink*”. First, lemme introduce the band before I go into the intricate details of the seven hours in Sound Ideaz Studios of Pune where we witnessed a nine month old tune take its shape, riff by riff, solo to solo and beat to beat.
Drum Rolls: Dheessh!!!!!!
Dean on the Bass.
Gyan on the Drums
Vatsal on the Guitars
Parag on the Lead Guitars
Abhishek on the Vocals.
The Band: Wagon Rags . First Single: Devil’s Ride
In a way, it makes sense that the bands Rhythm guitarist:  Vatsal Raicha is a Mechanical Engineer from NIT Surathkal. But then, he has lost all of his mechanical gyan of IC engines, and that now all he knows is screw up the nuts of his project teammates (he is a project lead in an respectable IT Firm ). And well, to say that Wagon Rags has anything to do with Mr.Raicha would just be cool for the sake of it. That is so not how it happened. Wagon Rags emerged as the winner over such great ones nominated as “Marcoly’s Punch”, ” Pure silver Brutal Farce” and well the one suggested by me – ” Paanch Badan Ek Jaan” (5 bodies, one soul). Clearly Wagon Rags seemed logical to them, but well I still think Paanch Badan to be a clear winner.


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Coming soon on One Knight Stands

It’s been quite a week. A very hectic one and disappointing as well. I know nobody actually cares about it, but what the heck, it’s my blog after all. So am just gonna write all about it. My laptop has finally been gone. I now feel childless and am blurting out one line at a time from my work desktop, when my manager doesn’t hover around. My sites have been down for the last 4 days, and it has been a pain to get them running. Thanks again to Brajeshwar for all the help and assistance. And oh! last week I attended the Rock in India concert which featured 7 Indian Rock Bands and Machine Head and Megadeth also. Add to that a very drunk Saturday Night with my drunk gang at STYX and Purple Haze in Bangalore (ok ok…Bengaluru..I prefer Bangy). And yeah, I managed to watch a lot of movies too. So literally I am exploding with source content, unable to write out my posts. So the posts will be coming very soon but, at their own pace. So, more than you, I should hold on and stay calm. A brief snippet of what you can expect.

Movie reviews of : La Vie En Rose, Jumper, 27 Dresses, Across the Universe,

Two new sections introduced:
A)24 frames – A scoop of a special scene from a special (good/bad/ugly) movie/TV series/anime etc.

B)Links of the Day – the first is already rolled out. A daily feature of the best reads of the day

Rock in India: Saat Hindustani – The Se7en Bands of India
Megadeth n Machinehead Muted
Saturday Night in Bangy
American Idol coverage
How I met your mother returns
Some more cool humor cooking up. Need more incense in my room! No not for meditational purposes. Actually, the Biriyani at Belgaum hasn’t actually died out.

Hope to start writing soon enough. Peace!
P.S. My Laptop hopefully reaches me by end of the month. It’s a Dell Vostro 1500 and it’s BLACK. Pray for me that it does reach me!!!

One Knight Stands

In the words of the great Scorpions, “Here I am, Rock you like a Hurricane”. This is it, January 3rd of the year 2008, when One Knight Stands a.k.a. OKS goes live and all ready to kick butt. OKS is where you will find Movie reviews like never before, Music finding definition in words, popular culture being questioned and Breaking News being dumped-all under the same roof. Yeah, of course with a tinge of my personal spices and some sprinkled sauces of rumors. It has been a tiring journey so far to set up the blog, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my very good techie friends- Ashwin and Ravindra. Special thanks to Brajeshwar for the help he has extended to me right from buying the domain to hosting it to even answering my silly queries.

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without some powerful forces who keep my lamp burning. My Inspirado- Sujoy Chatterjee, my parents who couldn’t understand what I was upto but are supportive nonetheless, and my badass roomies who keep asking for the hit counts everyday.

Thanks for visiting OKS and Seasons Greetings for a prosperous New Year. I hope you enjoy the ride. Security, where are the belts?