Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Grand Finale 1

Right, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS tonight. It is the Grand Finale of this year’s X Factor. I know they’ll be shouting it out repeatedly about 200,000 applicants, and it’s now down to 3. They do that every week, don’t they. But no one can ignore the fact that X Factor has become so hugely popular and almost like an integral part of modern day pop culture. It is insanely popular in the States and everywhere else. But hey, let’s stop talking about the show, and concentrate on the three acts – Olly, Stacey and Joe. Now, that is some Finale we are looking forward to.

Last week, we bid goodbye to one of the best vocalists on the show this year – Danyl. It wasn’t a shocker for me, provided the extreme divided public opinion about Danyl. There are people who love, and there are those who hate him. And there is no grey area. This is not a good sign when it comes to competitions like these where to survive you gotta please ’em all. But then, we can’t say much about it since Jedward and Lloyd had a long innings on the competition – much longer than Rachel and Jamie.

Back to the competition, the format has been changed to have a shocker final tonight. The shocker is that out of the 3 finalists performing tonight, only two will go forward to the Final showdown tomorrow, and one will be eliminated on the show tonight. As per Orange’s X Factor blog, Olly is set to perform with Robbie Williams, Joe with George Michael and Stacey with Michael Buble. Oh, it’s going to be some Finale!

Join us for the liveblog right here at 7:30 pm London time. Cheerio!!

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Semi Final Results Live

Okie dokie. Tonight is results night – and not just any result night – It is the Semi Final results. 4 semi-finalists performed MJ songs and a song chosen by their mentor. And tonight, one performance goes home, just short of one show from the finals. And judging by the performances last night, I predict that it is going to be Olly who’ll be heading home tonight.

The show kicks off early tonight at 7.30 pm London time, and Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson perform on the show. We’ll be there to reveal it all as it happens. See you there!!

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Semi Finals – Michael Jackson Week

We have no Jedward. We have no Lloyd. And now, it is down to the top 4 acts – Joe, Stacey, Olly and Danyl to prove their worth and make a place in the elite Top 3 and sing in the Finals next week. Yes people, we are just one week away from seeing the winner of X Factor 2009. I kinda know already who’s gonna win this season – Joe McElderry. Simply for the reason that he’s flawless. Last week, we said goodbye to Lloyd Daniels, and I reckon this week we are going to say goodbye to either of Danyl or Olly. But that’s just my prediction.

The playlist is out for the night. Check it out after the jump!!

The show goes live at 8pm London time, and so does this liveblog. So hit the jump, and join this liveblog/discussion of the Semi-Final performances on X Factor tonight. See you soon

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Live Results 8

So this week, they call it – the week when the singing got noticed. So, X Factor is finally back to being a Singing competition. Hmm. Err, I’d say not so fast. Not until Lloyd is still here in the competition. Last night, we got to hear him twice and both of his performances were horrendous. Absolutely awful. But enough of Lloyd. We saw Danyl dance, Stacey gave two smashing performances and Olly singing a classy ballad. And to top it all, Joe nailed his performance – twice. His performance of “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” was absolutely intense and heartfelt.

As far as my predictions for the night:

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Danyl Johnson

I choose Danyl over Olly because there are still a lot of people who get really annoyed with Danyl (no matter how hard he tries to be likeable).

Eliminated: (Please God) Lloyd Daniels.

As usual, the liveblog goes live at 8pm London Time. See you there.

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