Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 8- Elton John and Take That

Just a week to go for the Semi-Finals now. And we are still stuck with Lloyd, and tonight we get to bear him twice. Yes, singing Elton John and Take That songs are the Quarter Finalists of The X Factor tonight. Last week, we finally saw the farewell of the Irish legends that were – John & Edward, ‘lovingly’ known as Jedward. With just two weeks away from the finale, tensions rising. And with the Christmas season on full swing, the X Factor publicity team is going full on with the merchandising. Look what I found today at Bh’s.

Well, I was actually tempted to buy the Milk Chocolate Bar – coz they looked like Malteser’s [my fav].But that’d have meant more money in Simon’s pockets. So, I said hmm. NO.

Anywho, coming back to the liveblog tonight, the acts are singing Elton John and Take That songs. Continue after the jump to find the playlist for tonight’s acts, and the liveblog and discussion all goes live at 8pm London time. C u there!

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009-Live Results 7

I think the show has lost its Mojo. I am serious about it. I have lost all enthusiasm about the show after Jamie’s elimination last week. And although I do care about Stacey, Joe and Danyl’s performances every week, I am still gutted by the presence of the twins and Lloyd. SO, if either of them is not eliminated this week, I will be extremely disappointed with this show, and trust me, there is going to be a way in which I will show my protest for this show. Which brings us to the result night tonight. It was Wham night last night, and Danyl gave us a performance to remember – Careless Whisper. That performance was amazing. Of course Joe nailed his performance yet again, but Stacey’s vocals fell flat for the first time. And now, I am tired of Olly. As for the remaining two, I’m not even bothered to talk about them.

Anyway, we will be liveblogging the results tonight – live at 8pm London time. See you guys then.

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Liveblogging:The X Factor 2009-Live Show 7-Wham Week

It’s Wham Week tonight on The X Factor. Woohoo. After the shocker elimination of Jamie Archer last week, only 6 remain to perform tonight to the immortal Wham tracks. George Michael included ie. I am sick and tired of the Deadlock situation which has been happening on the last 3 results nights. And I want Lloyd to go home. It is bloody high time. Yes, I want to drive him away from the X Factor, even more than the twins. Coz he is just crap!

And as far as the  best performances are concerned – Stacey and Joe just nailed their performances. Just top notch. Anywho, enough of living in the past, let’s focus on tonight’s show.

The song choices are out. Continue reading after the jump to see who’s singing what tonight.

The Liveblog goes live at 8pm London time as usual. Join us for the liveblog and discussion.

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 6

We started with the top 12. And tonight, we will be reduced to the final 6.  But before anything, I am back with the liveblog 🙂 I received a lot of mails and tweets asking me why I wasn’t liveblogging yesterday’s show. To answer that question – I was off on a holiday [ sometime I am allowed to]. And I just got back home. But I am here liveblogging the results show tonight. It’s a big night tonight, and not just because of X Factor. There’s the Doctor Who episode – Water of Mars which I have been waiting for so long. But coming back to the show, we saw performances from the acts to the songs of Queen. While some absolutely shined through, some crumbled in front of the sheer size of the compositions. And its decision time tonight.

My predictions for the night.

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Jamie Archer

Elimination: Lloyd Daniels

The liveblog hits off at 8 pm London time. Join us then. [ Watching Doctor Who rt now :)]

After the jump – Liveblog continues.

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