Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 30 Memes

When you suffer through a long commute on days when the public transport is quite screwed, you tend to find comfort in the warm arms of meme apps. And I thought to make some of my own, and perhaps, retell the story of Karan Johar’s directorial debut – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai through memes. So, here are 30 memes.

Does this post change the world? No. Does it bring world peace? No. Does it make me chuckle? Yes.


WARNING: Spoilers DUH!

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Krrish 3 - Meme

The Krrish 3 Trailer Explained In GIFs and Memes [Trailer Masala]

The trailer for the most anticipated Diwali Release of 2013, FilmKraft’s Krrish 3 has landed on the interwebs. And the world has exploded into pieces resulting from the awesomeness. Or rather from the confusion behind- Where the Fuck is Krrish 2?  I am writing this as a result of the regeneration that I have achieved through multiple hours of Yoga – yes, Baba Ramdev’s Kapal-Bharati is the only route to Time-Lordism.


Enough chit-chat. We are here to demystify the many secrets embedded in Krrish 3‘s 2 minute 15 seconds trailer.


There’s double Hrithiks having an almost Rakhi Gulzar / Nirupa Roy moment, a metal Vivek, a cleavaged metal Kangna, a flying tongue, a city which is celebrating Diwali only with blue fireworks, and so much more. There’s farts – not just mere mortal ones, but ones with superhero DNA being used as a biological weapon. So, you do NOT want to miss out this. Hit the jump already!

Statutory Warning: The visuals in Krrish 3’s trailer mark great resemblance to many superhero, scifi movies. But then that has been the only one thing consistent about this franchise.  

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And this is what happened at Filmfare Awards 2012


Filmfare 2012- what does that mean to me and you? Aap ka to pata nahi, but for me, it definitely means a lot of edited emoticons, lols, facepalms, sleepy faces, drooping make ups, fake laughters, lazy applause and SRK’s PJ’s and self-deprecating jokes (to compensate for Ra.One). There are the lacklustre performances spiced up with snazzy Adobe Premiere effects like a Balaji serial. And finally, lots and lots of laughter tracks randomly sprinkled throughout the show. Now, since the heavily edited version of the show is 2.5 hours long (imagine what was at the editor’s table), I have taken up the responsibility to help you not spend these 2.5 hours, and instead spend a few minutes with this post that gives you all the masala of what happened at the Filmfare Awards 2012. Hit the jump to find out

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What They Said at Riteish D and Genelia D’s Wedding Reception [Monday Meme]

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza's Wedding Reception

Apparently, Bollywood came to a stand still when Riteish D and Genelia D (RD n GD) got married in an elaborate wedding ceremony, which spanned across many days, and venues, and some more. Almost the entire Bollywood, from all corners, clans and camps, landed up at each of the 157 ceremonies. And thanks to TheDailyHoney, we got to know that Jeetu jee was just around the corner, doing his morning jog. And Asin looked absolutely stunning in her traditional sari. But since I am as twisted and weird, I thought it’d be wicked to remix these celebs piccies, with my twisted celeb thoughts. Thanks to DailyHoney’s mammoth post on the RD/GD wedding reception, and for letting me use the images. So, here it goes.

Beware, image heavy post, and the language ranges from naughty to downright uncensored. And the celebs seem to have a weird obsession with “Kheer!”.

As always, this is a fictional post, and has got nothing to do with the “actual” thoughts of these celebs. I am no Professor X, but we live in a world of such dumbos, so I had to clear this up. Also, please do not sue me, or send me hate mails. It’s all in good spirit, and for laughs yaar. C’mon, it’s Monday!

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