Rekha-Tober: Khubsoorat–1980, Best Rekha movie ever


All that’s awesome about Rekha, all throughout October.

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Rekha - Khubsoorat

Khubsoorat is a gem in every sense of the word. It is mindblowingly entertaining with effervescent enthusiasm of Rekha’s character – Manju and a brilliant ensemble cast which supports this enthusiasm. Brilliantly written and executed by none other than the maestro of middle-class common man Indian cinema – Hrishida (Hrishikesh Mukherjee ). I almost feel incapable of expressing correctly, how much I love this movie. It is beyond any comparison and any adjective to put it into words. So, I will just point out why I love this movie so much, and why I crown this as the BEST REKHA MOVIE EVER. Needless to say, this process will be aided by a big lineup of screenshots, so hold on to your seat-belts. I officially declare #Rekhatober open. Let the celebrations begin.

So many reasons to love Khubsoorat

P.S. Spoilers if you haven’t watched this legendary movie already. In which case, I suggest you to run like the wind and grab the DVD for this. And P.S.2 LONG POST.

Let’s begin with ..

Nirmala Gupta and the Gupta family breakfast

Guptas Breakfast - Khubsoorat

Dina Pathak rules this movie with her spot-on portrayal of the strict-mum of the house –  Nirmala Gupta. Not even her husband is spared from her disciplinary code of conduct. Everyone eats breakfast together, and at 8.30 am in the morning. And no one dares to make the dining hall dirty. And if someone does it, he/she has to rectify it. Not even her husband is allowed to break the rule. It all establishes the fact that the Guptas are a very disciplined bunch and the head of the family is Mommy Nirmala . But well, Dadamoni cannot let go of his playful naughtyness 🙂

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Neetu Singh-along : The very Essential Neetu Singh playlist


LOOK AT THAT !!!! Just LOOK ! Yes, it is Neetu Singh in her awesom-est, best-est, sassy-est !!! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Neetu Singh-along! [ Hit this hashtag #NeetuSquee to follow Neetu Singh-along on twitter ]

When I heard of Beth and the big Bollywood clan of bloggers planning on a Neetu Singh-along for this week, my brains (I’ve got more than one of them) just got 50% fried with the awesomeness of the idea itself. I soaked myself in hot water (as in had a warm bath) to relax myself, coz I knew this was going to be a journey which would make me so tired with the exciting stuff that’d come along. Initially, I had tweeted my plan of writing a single post for the Neetu Singh-along with one of my most favourite songs of Neetu ji – Oye Pyar Kar Liya to Kya – from Kabhi Kabhi. And then, slowly and steadily, all these awesome tracks started creeping out from different corners shouting at me – WHAT ABOUT US??? WHAT ABOUT US??? And then I thought to myself – how could I? How could I not include all these other legendary tracks of Neetu ji – such as – Ek Main aur Ek Tu, and Keh Du Tumhein.

That was when I realised – screw this one song post. Lemme do a mammoth playlist, compiling the best of the best of the best songs of Neetu Singh. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, hold your breathe, and grab your senses – coz you’re going to be hit by ..

The Best 13 songs of Neetu Singh-Kapoor

Of course you know which one’s coming up first. Introducing Baby Sonia 🙂


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Janamdin Mubaarak Panchamda!

This is a repost of a post I did a long time back. I completely forgot to post it on the right day, i.e. June the 27th, the birthday of one of the greatest composers of India – Rahul Dev Burman.

Happy Birthday BOSS. Janamdin Mubaarak ho Panchamda!

Panchamda - R D Burman

Each and every word or phrase written in his praise falls short..because he is THE PAPA of all Music Directors on the face of the Indian Music Industry…because he is the reason why today’s “music directors” wanted to be it,.. because the entire Remix industry exists because of his yesteryear’s hits..because it is for his albums that DJs and retro nights exist..because he can make Asha Bhonsle sound the best – whether it is a ghazal, hindustani classical song, cabaret, or simply bollywood. Because he is Pancham, RDX, Rahul Dev Burman..because he is THE BOSS.

To the Baap of Bollywood Music..this is my heartfelt “paay-laagu” or “pairi-pona” of sorts. Because I am so small to talk of his genius. But that is not going to make me stop writing this blog about him. Because I have grown up on his music, totally breathed it, have literally lived on it till today, and I am sure will, till I die. This is not a chronicling of the body of work of Panchamda, but is more of a celebration of his melodies which have left an indelible impression on our minds, bodies and soul.

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Rewind: Piya Banwari-Khubsoorat (1980)

**Ni Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa**

**Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Dha Pa**

Someday soon, I’ll sit down to write a long post on Khubsoorat. No, not the Urmila Matondkar and Sanjay Dutt starrer which was also quite enjoyable, but not as much as this 1980 -Hrishikesh Mukherjee gem of a film which won Rekha her first Filmfare Best Actress Award. I have watched Khubsoorat almost 5-6 times and every time I watch it again, I still find something new and fresh in it. I love the Natkhat Manju (Rekha) who plays pranks with everyone and cleverly manages to win over everyone by manipulating them (in a good way). And on the other side of the fence is Nirmala Gupta, a strict disciplinarian played immaculately by Dina Pathak. I love them both and I fail to decide whom I like more. And of course, there’s the very loveable Dada Moni Ashok Kumar as Dwarka Prasad Gupta. Yes, I will sit down to write a long post on this movie and its loveable characters, not to forget its chuckleworthy scenes. But for now, let me quickly rant on this one song which has been playing continuously on my playlist for the last couple of days. It is Piya Banwari sung by one of my all time favourite singer -Her Excellency, Asha Bhosle.

Composed by none other than Panchamda, and lyrics by Gulzar, Piya Banwari is an extremely melodious Indian classical song beautifully woven into a movie soundtrack. It is based on Raaga Bihagda ( in which we get Raaga Bihag and Khamaaj ). Now why do I love this song. C’mon hit the jump and let the awesomeness be unveiled.

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