The One With Kicks, Disco, and Solar Energy – Karate (1983) [Bollywood Podcast]

It has been quite a while since I did a podcast. And this seemed to be the best way to break the dry spell. The bang of sorts, that was required to announce the return. We are celebrating Mithjune – the birthday month of Mithun da. And to celebrate Mithjune on Bollywood Podcast, we have chosen this crazy awesomeballs movie from 1983 – KARATE!  Joining me on this podcast is Beth (@bethlovesbolly) from BethLovesBollywood.


Directed and Starring Deb Mukherjee, this is 80’s masala pushed to the extreme. There’s disco, kicks, nunchucks, Mazhar Khan’s disco moves, lady mudfights, Kader Khan in martial arts gear and so much more. To find out more, listen to the podcast below.

Also, check out the crazy ass screencaps below. You know you want to watch this!!

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Bollywood 2012 Best Moments

Top 10 Bollywood Moments of 2012 [ OKS List ]

Bollywood 2012 Best Moments

I recently contributed a snippet on my most favourite Bollywood moment in 2012 for the year-end special podcast on Upodcast (listen to this mammoth 3 hr special here). And I got my thinking hat on, and recapped the year 2012 in Bollywood cinema. It has indeed been a year of lovely moments that stayed with me, long after the end credits had rolled. I had to squeeze out just one moment out of the following, and I’ll leave the guess work to you, as to which one I chose for the podcast.

But for now, here are my 10 most amazing and awesome Bollywood moments of 2012 (in no particular order).
[Of course, as I will be discussing specific scenes, these are mega-spoiler material. So, you’ve been warned ]

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Screen Awards 2013 Nominations [Review and Predictions]

screen awards 2013

It is pretty much the annual routine now to moan and whine about Bollywood Awards. I mean, the only point they serve is to wind us up, don’t you think? Screen and Zee Cine Awards 2013 nominations are out – and some of it look like the who’s who of WTF. Unlike last year, where I discussed the categories, I will do a summary round up and also come up with my predictions. Here is the full list of nominations . But it seems like nobody in the jury listens to us.

So, hit the jump!

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Top 10 Akshay Kumar Movies [OKS List]

Akshay Kumar Top 10 - From Khiladi to Rowdy Rathore

Often dismissed as the man who makes way too many movies, almost at a “Mithun-da Ooty production” pace, and also one of the highest money making machines of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar’s long acting career spans across many flops, hits, superhits and 25 years. Yes, it is Akshay Kumar’s Silver Jubilee year in Bollywood, as he started his career with a little known film called Aag, back in 1987 as a Karate Instructor. Through the most part of 90’s that was what the Akshay Kumar image was – the Bangkok returned, hairy-chested, and bushy eyebrowed guy, who does not look like a superstar, has Deepak Tijori as his sidekick, but can definitely kick some serious ass. He was the 90’s action superstar, trying to sneak in an Abbas Mustan hit here, and a Rajiv Rai hit there. Serenading “Mast Mast” ladies , and simultaneously beating the crap out of one-eyed villains, Akshay Kumar emerged as the Khiladi, a bankable movie hero.

But even so, he never emerged as the one with the most fangirls, or the one getting nominated at any movie awards show. He’d make an appearance and charge a hefty sum, but would hardly make it to the nominees list even. Even though he is one of the busiest of movie stars, churning out 4-5 movies a year, it took me a while to actually remember the last Akshay Kumar movie I really liked. With 4 movies set to release in 2012 – Rowdy Rathore, Joker, Housefull 2, and Once Upon A Time Again, we can only wish Akshay Kumar the best for 2012. And here is our favourite 10 from his strong 100 movie filmography.


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