Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 1 [Review]

Bigg Boss 5When the world is busy fighting the evils of capitalism and the double-faced monsters of austerity, Viacom 18  and Endemol India have conjured up this much bigger evil of unleashing the  Hydra version of Bollywood’s biggest slut – Shakti ‘Aaoo’ Kapoor, and has given him 11 “laundiyas” to play with. If you think that with that comment, I just objectified women, then you should check out how Colors is actually promoting it. Ladies and Gentlemen, quite against our initial apprehensive thought that this reality TV series would make it to its 5th incarnation, Bigg Boss Season 5 is here. And with national media covering every move, there is just no escaping this absolutely unnecessary and unwanted television show. Producers are just happy creating more TRP by means of the outrageous characterisation of the “Reality TV” versions of these “has-been” and “wannabe” celebs. And we as a nation, are happy to keep tuning in, no matter how much we continue to despise it.

Although I can’t believe that I am actually writing about something I absolutely hate, I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the greater good of stopping as many people as I can from watching this show. So, if you care to survive through this shit-storm, then hit the jump as we discuss through the Season premiére of Big Boss Season 5.
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TV Review: First thoughts on Just Dance

Just Dance - Star Plus

Amidst the flurry of reality TV shows occupying prime-time TV space on Indian channels, there appears one show which even before airing its first episode, claims to be the World’s Biggest Dance show (and hence throwing away the likes of So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars and all the other dance shows right into the municipality drains of Dharavi ). This show is called ‘Just Dance’ and stars Hrithik Roshan as the star judge who is nick-named ‘The God of Dance’ in almost every frame possible. The hysteria and the fandom images are randomly strewn all over the place and Hrithik mania seems to be the fever of the nation. By the looks of it, feels like Kaho Naa Pyar Hai is re-releasing or we are all back to 2000 ( the year when Kaho Naa Pyar Hai was released, yes its 11 years old). So, a bit of a reality check here is very much required. It is indeed 2011 and we have come a long way since KNPH. Hrithik has long discarded the hearthrob status and seen his decline in many unfavourable movies. But still somehow he managed to wring out a Rs. 2 crore per episode deal with Star Plus for ‘Just Dance’. The first impression definitely is that this ‘Reality TV’ show is nothing less than a melodramatic, fluffy, saccharine scripted Bollywood fare.

Now I am not a connoisseur of Reality TV shows and neither am I a well read critic. But I certainly can spot the shitty stain on my TV screen. Just so that I do not wander off from my points, here’s a systematically created list of problems that I have with this show – Just Dance.

1. Hrithik = God of Dance ( Bitch, please! )

Hrithik Roshan - Just Dance

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Ajj Hona Deedar by Master Saleem

Master Saleem

One of the most awesome Qawwalis I have been listening to continuously, and almost to levels of irritation for my neighbours, is Master Saleem’s Ajj Hona Deedar Maahi da. Big thanks to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Superstars to have enlightened me with this gem.

The first time I heard it, was when one of my favourite contestants on the show ( Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), Harnoor, sang Ajj Hona Deedar, after his selection into the Top 20. This song was going to be the decider as to which mentor’s group he’d be joining. IMHO, Harnoor has a very different voice than Master Saleem’s, in terms of tonal quality and texture, even though both of them have very unique voices.

Hit the Jump to check out these awesome videos, and there’s a not-so surprise announcement at the end of this post 🙂

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LSD : Got me High

Don’t read into the title way too much. I’m not here to promote any “substance”. But yes, Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhokha aka LSD has the kicks, the oomph and the much awaited spark. He has set the bar yet again to a higher level than his own previous works – Khosla ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye.  And I never thought those movies could be ever exceeded. Glad that DeeBee da proved me and many others wrong.

Now before you accuse me of ranting away in true fanboy style about how awesome this movie is, lemme bring home three important points why I loved it so much as I did.

1: This is Real, not Reel:

It is posed to be “Real”. And it has been presented that way. No holds barred, and with zero pretence. Right from the dreamy eyed diploma filmmaker who believes life as a Yash Chopra movie to the chauvinist and cynical betrayer who sets up the cameras in Story 2, it is out there and it grabs you by the nuts. You forget that you are in fact “watching” something being enacted. It transcends the medium of cinema. Much like Cameron’s Pandora suspended our senses with its sheer beauty, LSD succeeds in making me a witness of the three interwoven stories. I felt as if I was a fly on the wall watching the events unfold. And yes, I have watched Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield and Blair Witch as well. And I loved them all.

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