Snakes, Dancing Jeetu, Danny, and Rekha – Sheshnaag (1990) [Bollywood Podcast]

After a long delay, again due to my second to none laziness, we are back with this episode of Bollywood Podcast. And it has become a part of the annual tradition for us to celebrate the Rekha birthday month as #Rekhatober. If you remember, we did a Madam X podcast last year (guess,  I would have to reupload that somewhere). And this year, we thought to push the envelope a little bit more. On the podcast we have Uncle Jeetendra sticking out his tongue, Danny and his evil grin almost chewing the entire scenery, Rishi Kapoor and his “flute”, Mandakini being bear-hugged, and then there’s REKHA. They all come together to form this insane package called – SHESHNAAG!!

As usual, joining me in this laughathon, is Beth from Bethlovesbolly. The audio quality feels like I am speaking from 1950’s. Sorry about that. But I promise this will be taken care of from the next episode onwards. As for now, enjoy the podcast. Psst, we also did a mini-take on SRK’s latest Happy New Year (how I liked it, and Beth – not so much).

Sheshnaag 01

Look at Danny, trying to get all French with a snake. He’s that badass. Now go and listen to that podcast, or he’ll haunt you. Leave your suggestions and comments below, or bug us on twitter (@9e3k | @bethlovesbolly)

Celebrating REKHA-TOBER with Madam X Comic Strip

Madam X

It is late October, and although I would have very much liked to have done this at the beginning of the month, due to various stupid reasons and my laziness, I couldn’t. What am I talking about? REKHATOBER of course – the birth month of only the best actress ever – Rekha. A few summers back, me and many other Bollywood bloggers, lead by Beth, decided upon doing this monthly feature every year to celebrate Rekha’s birthday. [For more on it, go here for all the posts on Rekhatober].

This year, I cranked up the gear, and went digging into the deep abyss of the internet, to find a 90’s gem called Madam X. So, hit the jump for more on Madam X, our podcast on it, and the awesome Comic Strip to blind your eyes with its sheer awesomeness.

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Rekha-tober: The Navrang of Rekha

Rekha - Utsav

Remember Mr.Mathur in Mast? Arre, Aftab’s Papa, who goes to his wardrobe in the closing scenes of the movie, and stares at his hidden poster of Rekha, as the soundtrack plays on – Uske Sivaa, Kuch Yaad Nahi !!! Yes, to a whole generation of desi cinephiles and beyond, Rekha is an inspiration, an intoxication which has been making us ‘Mast’ for ages. She is beauty personified, and she is the personification of the word ‘ Heroine’. In a career which has spanned across almost five decades, she is an institution in itself. It is almost impossible to confine her body of work in just a list of Navrang ( Nine shades ). But here I am, doing that exact ‘khata’. The only reason to have my list restricted to 9 types is because of the existence of the word Navrang itself. And also, it looks a bit more clean, tidy and organised innit.

So here we go, ..

The Navrang of Rekha

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Rekha-Tober: Khubsoorat–1980, Best Rekha movie ever


All that’s awesome about Rekha, all throughout October.

[ Rekha ji rules the whole month of October, and not even Big B’s birthday can overrule this . Coz I said so. Rekha turns 56 on the 10th of October, and we are celebrating her works and her streak of awesomeness, all this month on OKS and a whole league of Bolly blogs out there. For more on Rekha Month, follow the twitter hashtag – #Rekhatober. All blogs will be indexed on and also watch out for the Rekhatober sidebar here. ]

Rekha - Khubsoorat

Khubsoorat is a gem in every sense of the word. It is mindblowingly entertaining with effervescent enthusiasm of Rekha’s character – Manju and a brilliant ensemble cast which supports this enthusiasm. Brilliantly written and executed by none other than the maestro of middle-class common man Indian cinema – Hrishida (Hrishikesh Mukherjee ). I almost feel incapable of expressing correctly, how much I love this movie. It is beyond any comparison and any adjective to put it into words. So, I will just point out why I love this movie so much, and why I crown this as the BEST REKHA MOVIE EVER. Needless to say, this process will be aided by a big lineup of screenshots, so hold on to your seat-belts. I officially declare #Rekhatober open. Let the celebrations begin.

So many reasons to love Khubsoorat

P.S. Spoilers if you haven’t watched this legendary movie already. In which case, I suggest you to run like the wind and grab the DVD for this. And P.S.2 LONG POST.

Let’s begin with ..

Nirmala Gupta and the Gupta family breakfast

Guptas Breakfast - Khubsoorat

Dina Pathak rules this movie with her spot-on portrayal of the strict-mum of the house –  Nirmala Gupta. Not even her husband is spared from her disciplinary code of conduct. Everyone eats breakfast together, and at 8.30 am in the morning. And no one dares to make the dining hall dirty. And if someone does it, he/she has to rectify it. Not even her husband is allowed to break the rule. It all establishes the fact that the Guptas are a very disciplined bunch and the head of the family is Mommy Nirmala . But well, Dadamoni cannot let go of his playful naughtyness 🙂

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