Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 6

We started with the top 12. And tonight, we will be reduced to the final 6.  But before anything, I am back with the liveblog 🙂 I received a lot of mails and tweets asking me why I wasn’t liveblogging yesterday’s show. To answer that question – I was off on a holiday [ sometime I am allowed to]. And I just got back home. But I am here liveblogging the results show tonight. It’s a big night tonight, and not just because of X Factor. There’s the Doctor Who episode – Water of Mars which I have been waiting for so long. But coming back to the show, we saw performances from the acts to the songs of Queen. While some absolutely shined through, some crumbled in front of the sheer size of the compositions. And its decision time tonight.

My predictions for the night.

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Jamie Archer

Elimination: Lloyd Daniels

The liveblog hits off at 8 pm London time. Join us then. [ Watching Doctor Who rt now :)]

After the jump – Liveblog continues.

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 6 -Top 7- Queen Night

Apologies for not liveblogging the event but just updating at once of the show tonight. And big thanks for still joining the discussion. I am on a holiday in the South of England, and it was a big deal for me to get a Wi-Fi connection. This made it impossible for me to liveblog it, so we are instead just posting the show update of sorts. [ In a way, I am liveblogging it whilst watching the show, but posting it at once] Now that I have established how I am blogging it, let’s get on with the show.

Last week’s Movie week turned out to be a very controversial week with Simon’s consecutive second chickening out decision which resulted in sending Lucie . But moving on, tonight is the night – the contestants are taking on songs of one of the best bands in Rock History – Queen. I love and worship Queen. I worship Freddie Mercury and Brian May and Roger Taylor’s backing vocals. I even love Queen performing with Paul Rodgers. And let’s hope Simon does not chicken out this week and steps up as a man. The show is just about to start. The liveblog is live after the jump. Cheerio!

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Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 Live Results 4

Tonight’s result show will see one of the 9 acts being eliminated, and only 8 will remain. The top 8 will come back for next week’s performance night. Rock Night posed a lot of challenge for all the acts, and some outperformed others. While Jamie, Olly and Rachel shined through, Danyl gave in to the pressure of being in the bottom 2 last week. As for Stacey and Joe, their performances were likeable. I still utterly hate Jedward although their performance last night was entertaining to be honest. Lucie’s performance was weak but the worst performer of the night goes to Lloyd.
And tonight on the results show, we will see X Factor’s most successful band till date – JLS perform.
Also performing is Jon Bon Jovi.

My predictions for tonight’s results still remains the same

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and John&Edward. [ Although, I think that Danyl could be in the bottom 2 again]

Eliminated: Lloyd Daniels.

We’ll find out the results at 8 pm Live, London Time. Do join us for the Liveblog. Until then, discuss in the comments section. Cheerio!

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Wagon Rags-The Making of Devil’s Ride

Ladies n Gents, Boyz n Gals, make room for the Rock to hit you, coz here they are: Wagon Rags to knock your socks off with their rock and well make Bollywood remixed bitches eat dust. But well, Mr.Lead Singer, Jh**ga (though he specifically mentioned his displeasure over being referred by this name and that Jh**ga is not derived from Abhishek JHA but from his affinity to prawn dishes) would put it otherwise. (I asterisked the name coz my chicken platter is at stake) He says, Wagon Rags aren’t here to compete or battle against any form of music. Wagon Rags are just here to belt out their music and sweep the crowd off their feet. Ok, I know Wordsworth said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. And well, “A little of Self Promotion is SuJOY forever *wink*”. First, lemme introduce the band before I go into the intricate details of the seven hours in Sound Ideaz Studios of Pune where we witnessed a nine month old tune take its shape, riff by riff, solo to solo and beat to beat.
Drum Rolls: Dheessh!!!!!!
Dean on the Bass.
Gyan on the Drums
Vatsal on the Guitars
Parag on the Lead Guitars
Abhishek on the Vocals.
The Band: Wagon Rags . First Single: Devil’s Ride
In a way, it makes sense that the bands Rhythm guitarist:  Vatsal Raicha is a Mechanical Engineer from NIT Surathkal. But then, he has lost all of his mechanical gyan of IC engines, and that now all he knows is screw up the nuts of his project teammates (he is a project lead in an respectable IT Firm ). And well, to say that Wagon Rags has anything to do with Mr.Raicha would just be cool for the sake of it. That is so not how it happened. Wagon Rags emerged as the winner over such great ones nominated as “Marcoly’s Punch”, ” Pure silver Brutal Farce” and well the one suggested by me – ” Paanch Badan Ek Jaan” (5 bodies, one soul). Clearly Wagon Rags seemed logical to them, but well I still think Paanch Badan to be a clear winner.


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