Thoughts on Jab Tak Hai Jaan [Not a Review]

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Review

The name Yash Chopra is synonymous to opulence, grandiose and all flavours of larger-than-life characteristics which cannot be in any way consumed through a real-life lens. This has what has come to be known as the “YRF school of cinema“. But it is sad that a prolific director of Yash Chopra‘s stature, a man who has given us the likes of Waqt, Deewar, Kaala Pathhar and Chandni, be dwarfed by the above mentioned limiting definition. Yes, the man also gave us Dil To Pagal Hai – a movie he directed in his mid 60’s, about the yuppy Indian youth, all singing and dancing and free as a bird, and it still remains a personal favourite.

So why does Jab Tak Hai Jaan, a movie which emulates the same “formula”, and in some ways, mashes up DTPH with Veer Zara, feel overtly boring, lost, and almost impotent ? This movie is of two halves, the first trying desperately to be cool, and make its mid-40s male lead into a 25 year old hipster. The second half transforms the same male lead into a broody and stubbled version, loaded with Enfield bikes, no armour anti-bomberman badass superhero. And joining the two are two stupid accidents. The catch here is, there’s no Nirupa Roy to provide the emotional connect.

This is not a post to bad-mouth Yash Chopra, the filmmaker whose work speaks for itself. I am extremely fond of most of his filmography, but sadly, JTHJ is not the perfect swan song by a mile and a half. So hold on to your hate mails. After the jump, some specific plot points will be discussed. SPOILER WARNING.

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Movie Review: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a road movie. That’s what she said! It’s about a group of rich dudes getting together after a long period, and embarking on a journey to the picturesque locales of Spain, and in the course of the journey, gaining consciousness about the true beauty of life… or something like that. Am I right Zoya? Zoya Akhtar’s second film (after the brilliant Luck By Chance), takes a safe route, and could be termed as a re-bottling of Farhan’s old wine – his debut movie, the decade old and still uber-cool Dil Chahta Hai. It is suffice to say, that with all the hard attempts at appearing cool and hip and happening, this movie falls flat on the face. The emotional connect that we saw between Sid, Aakash and Sameer is completely non-existent here. And even though we do get some sparks of proper bromance building up, the film diverges at every possible chance to explore the adrenaline and the testosterone side of things. So, I am not sure how to receive ZNMD as –
Option 1: A road movie about fictional characters exploring Spain and its scenic beauty
Option 2: Fictionally rich and emotionally deprived characters with their baggage of uninteresting problems
Irrespective of what option I chose, the movie failed to impress me, and my best reaction at any point of the movie can be summed up to a simple – “Meh”.

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Tweeting the Movie: Aisha (2010)

Disclaimer: The intention of this post is not to mar any person’s dignity or self esteem, dead or alive. Its just a piss take and please take it in the best of the spirits. Please don’t sue me. I am not a rich dude. KTHXBAI!

Ok, I am the occasional chick-flick visitor. I have watched the likes of Notting Hill (who hasn’t), Bridget Jones Diary etc etc. On quite a few occasions, I have managed to even like them. Not because of the underlying romance, but because the characterisation was very well dealt with. Be it the failing travel book store owner or the dumped writer who falls for the Portuguese girl or even the dancing Prime Minister (I know you know all those references). Which now brings me to Aisha, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma (as the publicity press releases say) and unofficially copied from Clueless. I have neither read the book, nor seen the Alicia Silverstone movie. So what I write here, is just judging the movie by its own strengths and flaws.

Well you remember the first of the series – Tweeting the Movie – Veer( Part 1 and Part 2) . So here I am, with Chapter 2 – Aisha. Its always fun to take the piss out of movies which make you realise about the two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. And so here I am, spending more than 2 hours to get this post done.
P.S. The language on this post can get a bit too colourful for your taste, if you know what I mean 😉

Aisha - Sonam Kapoor Hiya @everyone. I am like totally awesome chick.

I like, spend my rich Dad’s hard-earned cash for a living and have nicknamed it ‘Event Management’. How cool! #winwin

And like, I totally dig true love. Its so cute to see MILFs getting hitched with DILFs innit. #AishaIsAwesome Pls RT. kthxbye 😉


Aisha - Sonam KapoorP.S. I like animals, I pretend to like Polo coz its totally upmarket.

Quick, time for an Elle makeover twitpic.

I’m having a hangover from that party I had last night. Hence the glasses.

Also, I can’t remember which movie I am in right now. Is this ‘I Hate Luv Stories’? #hangover

Also, I so love sobbing whilst I watch that Kajol-SRK dancing in the rain scene from K2H2. That movie is my Bible.


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I *really* Hate *these* Luv Storys

I Hate Luv Storys wallpaper

How do you define ‘fluff’ ? Quite a random question to begin a post with, isn’t it? Exactly! I Hate Luv Storys or #IHLS is just that – both fluff and random. Fluff, by definition means any light downy material. It also means something which is of little value or significance. And IHLS qualifies on both those categories. It is just fluff; no pulp, no substance and definitely no juice. The only thing it has is Sonam Kapoor’s electric smile trying to charge up this otherwise charge-less movie, which suffers from a desperately-trying-hard-2b-cool-syndrome.

The biggest thing that irritates me to allergic levels about this movie, is its unashamed and narcissistic self-promotion of supposed Hindi ‘romantic cult favourites’. If you think I am wrong, then how on earth will you explain, plugging in KANK and K3G tribute scenes into the movie narrative, as not being narcissistic? Yes, this is a Karan Johar movie, and this is his way of taking a piss at his own movies, kinda like being the cool guy who doesn’t shy away from laughing at himself. Oh please grow up. Spoofs are made by B-grade directors and geeky nods to movie classics do not mean flashing out family poster frames and pink teddy bears from Archies galleries. And if you think making the director in the movie – Veer [Samir Soni ] be an onscreen version of KJo would be a good idea, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Oh, I really don’t know where this movie review is going. Pretty much like the movie. It is just pointless and worthless as well. So I’ll rather write some bullet points about this movie.

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