And this is what happened at Filmfare Awards 2012


Filmfare 2012- what does that mean to me and you? Aap ka to pata nahi, but for me, it definitely means a lot of edited emoticons, lols, facepalms, sleepy faces, drooping make ups, fake laughters, lazy applause and SRK’s PJ’s and self-deprecating jokes (to compensate for Ra.One). There are the lacklustre performances spiced up with snazzy Adobe Premiere effects like a Balaji serial. And finally, lots and lots of laughter tracks randomly sprinkled throughout the show. Now, since the heavily edited version of the show is 2.5 hours long (imagine what was at the editor’s table), I have taken up the responsibility to help you not spend these 2.5 hours, and instead spend a few minutes with this post that gives you all the masala of what happened at the Filmfare Awards 2012. Hit the jump to find out

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10 Indipop One-Hit-Wonders

Need I write any intro to this one. The title is pretty self explanatory. In the 20 years or so of Indipop [ that’s a fair assumption right? ], we’ve had some really massive hits. But once in a while, there comes a hit to sweep all of us off our feet. And then, we don’t get to hear of that artiste ever again. Until they appear in regional channels judging (and in some cases – hosting and even participating ) reality TV shows, or appear in the left corner of some Page 3 party. So either they get busy in the scripted reality, or get seriously involved becoming social. Doesn’t matter where they eventually ended up, this list explores ..

The 10 ‘One Hit Wonders’ of Indipop.

10. Paisa – Agosh

Agosh - Mil Jo Jaaye Paisa

Such a shame that this band churned out just a single hit when it showed so much promise with this single. The video is a very clever parody of the many flavours of brands consuming our lives. A very smart take on consumerism, Paisa, or as you would remember – Mujhe Mil Jo Jaaye Thoda Paisa – is narrated by an unsuccessful Kavi, sitting in a tea-stall, and speaks of what he’d do if he had money. His desires range from celebrating Sunday from Friday night, decorating his car with Disco light, having a beautiful Biwi, and even his Kids would have their own TV 😛 (noble thought). But the most simple, yet beautiful line here is – Hum bhi honge unke jaise ( We’d also be like THEM ) – Kind of shows the frustration of the struggling lower middle class, which looks at the ridiculous affluence of the high society and its glam sham. Musically, this is a brilliant fusion of rock and Carnatic – listen to the sweet Guitar solo. Very very awesome!! [ Video Link ]

The list continues after the jump.

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Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 1 [Review]

Bigg Boss 5When the world is busy fighting the evils of capitalism and the double-faced monsters of austerity, Viacom 18  and Endemol India have conjured up this much bigger evil of unleashing the  Hydra version of Bollywood’s biggest slut – Shakti ‘Aaoo’ Kapoor, and has given him 11 “laundiyas” to play with. If you think that with that comment, I just objectified women, then you should check out how Colors is actually promoting it. Ladies and Gentlemen, quite against our initial apprehensive thought that this reality TV series would make it to its 5th incarnation, Bigg Boss Season 5 is here. And with national media covering every move, there is just no escaping this absolutely unnecessary and unwanted television show. Producers are just happy creating more TRP by means of the outrageous characterisation of the “Reality TV” versions of these “has-been” and “wannabe” celebs. And we as a nation, are happy to keep tuning in, no matter how much we continue to despise it.

Although I can’t believe that I am actually writing about something I absolutely hate, I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the greater good of stopping as many people as I can from watching this show. So, if you care to survive through this shit-storm, then hit the jump as we discuss through the Season premiére of Big Boss Season 5.
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LAGAAN 10 years on: The magic of the lunacy

Lagaan - Once Upon a Time in India

Prior to the year 2001, Indian cinema screen space was primarily occupied by the run-of-the-mill popcorn entertainers, mildly interrupted by the multiplex movie – an attempt to cater to the urban audiences who were fed on MTV, Star World and international sitcoms. The Bollywood blockbuster had turned into a potion of ingredients best known to the ones who incorporated the star sons and daughters, copied scripts from Hollywood blockbusters, diamond merchant producers and South Indian technicians into the perfect recipe. Most often than not, these recipes failed, with only those suceeding at the Box Office which genuinely appealed to both classes as well as masses. The top list from the entire decade of the ’90’s-produced’ blockbusters consisted of DDLJ, DTPH, K2H2, KNPH, HDDCS and other multi-worded titles, delving deep into the world of romance and romantic storylines spicened up with sub-plots of obstacles to romance such as a father who is never pleased with a love marriage. The time was nigh for the recycled storylines to be discarded and to embrace new ideas and challenging scales of storytelling.

The year 2001 marked the rising of a new sun in the horizon of Indian cinema. June 26 2001, things were about to change dramatically. LAGAAN was released and in every sense of the term, it was a game-changer.

In this post, I will be  discussing about LAGAAN and how its influence can be seen in today’s Indian cinema. The magical glow of this cinematically brilliant masterpiece still shines bright even today, 10 years after its release, and here’s why.

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