Separated At Birth – V

Haven’t done this for a while. So I have put on my observation glasses which see in a different dimension than your normal bi-focals. After all, I am not your regular mango people (aam-aadmi, ok, I ruined the joke).
Now, I did come up with this a long time back, but having seen one of the ladies recently in a very beautiful avatar, I couldn’t help but just spill the beans.
Hint 1: Marion Cotillard. Oh! I was supposed to give a hint. Eh! Ever since I saw her first in La Vie En Rose ( her Oscar winning role as Edith Piaf), I haven’t stopped loving her. And now that I have seen her play the menacing subconscious (oh noes spoiler?) of Mr.Cobb in Inception, I cannot stop thinking about her (and the movie). So, in the Red corner, here’s Marion Cotillard.

Hint 2: Now who could look like Miss Cotillard possibly. C’mon think! I don’t think this is going to be tough. C’mon, I know you must have thought the same too. A Bollywood connection? Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Miss Universe 1994, and one of the most elegant beauties of Bollywood – Sushmita Sen. WHOA!

Didn’t you figure it out? Have a look below.

Do you guys agree with my observation? Shout it out in the comments.

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Separated At Birth – IV

Time for some insanity connecting two absolutely different characters. This edition of Separated At Birth is to do with two extremely transformed characters with some mindblowing make-up work. There were no second thoughts when I saw Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s avatar in the new to-be-released R.Balki film – Paa. So, in the Red Corner, we have Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in heavy make-up to look like a 13-year-old boy with a rare genetic defect that accelerates ageing. The make-up is certainly ground breaking stuff in Bollywood, and has been done by Oscar-nominated makeup specialist Christien Tinsley and Dominie Till. [ courtesy: NDTV ]

And in the Blue Corner is ROFL..mindblowing comic artiste – Catherine Tate as Uncle Derek. Uncle Derek’s character is of a middle aged gay guy, who lives with his mother and partner. But he would not admit to being gay. There are a series of sketches on Derek and it is extremely hilarious.

After the Jump, how Catherine Tate actually looks like, and a few embeds of Uncle Derek sketches.

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Separated At Birth – III

My absence from OKS often gets broken by the storm of Amrish Puri excavations. The Salaakhen 70s avatar in my previous SAB (Separated At Birth) post was a huge hit, and I got responses from the far east to the motherland. Hehe , not quite. But it sure was blood pumping, hormone thumping and what not. And well, here it happens all over again. History, as they say, repeats itself.

In the Red Corner, we have the man, the myth, the legend himself – Mr. Jack Nicholson. Academy Award Winner, Jack Nicholson in one of his most signature performances as the Clowney, White and Weirdly grinning Joker from the 1989 Tim Burton Movie – Batman.

And in the Blue Corner we have the man who spells Evil in Hindi Cinema. yes, it is Amrish Puri yet again, and I am surprised by the body of his work that I come across every day. This picture is courtesy FILMFARE magazine’s twitpic [ The link is here ]. No idea of the origin of this picture, as in the movie and the director who convinced Mr.Puri to get all this done to his face. Of course, we have seen Mr.Puri do all sortsa stuff, and Mogambo was just one side of it.

Jack Nicholson vs. Amrish Puri

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post.
I am trying to work on some posts now and then, when I can squeeze out some time. I have received some life-threatening mails to write some more on India’s Got Talent, which I will be doing soon, before the announcements of the Semi-Finalists for the Live Shows.
Apart from that I will be posting some other posts on Bollywood and Anime-Central very soon. Until then, Adios Amigos!

Separated at Birth – II

I have been absent from OKS for quite some time now. Not really! I have been recovering from the marathon of Liveblogging Britain’s Got Talent [ and I am not completely done yet! Yes, some more of it will be coming, and yet some more from America’s Got Talent. What happened to the Indian version?] So, anyway, just to deviate my mind and body from all the nervewrecking tension involved with Live Television, here I am, plunging myself, yet again, into the “Dariyaaa” of Bollywood. But with a twist. Yes, as the title suggests: We are doing our second Separated at Birth [ after the lukewarm response on the first one]. But I can be so sure that this one is gonna appeal to audiences from the caves of Chambal to the skyscrapers of Shanghai [Aila! What a dialogue. On a serious note, please donate for the Cyclone Aila relief ;  BTW, who the f names a Cyclone as Aila. It just loses its credibility. Ok now its obvious that I am ranting.]

Coming back to the post; In the Red corner, we have someone who cannot be described with any adjectives – JOHN LENNON. Who you say? Get yourself sorted dear! Listen to some music, and get some education. And in the Blue Corner, we have none other than [arguably] the most monstrous Villain of Indian cinema – Amrish Puri. Both monstrous in their own right. It’s been such a delight to bring these two on the same canvas.

70’s fashion checklist:

Hair: Check

Glasses: Check

Hair-Style: Check again

Uncanny colors for Shirts, Collars: Check Check!! You likey?

For a more colorful and uber-70s version of Mogambo, click this link.

Image Courtesy:
John Lennon [from Google Image Search]
Amrish Puri [ from the screencap of  Beth’s post on Salaakhen ] .