Krrish 3 - Meme

The Krrish 3 Trailer Explained In GIFs and Memes [Trailer Masala]

The trailer for the most anticipated Diwali Release of 2013, FilmKraft’s Krrish 3 has landed on the interwebs. And the world has exploded into pieces resulting from the awesomeness. Or rather from the confusion behind- Where the Fuck is Krrish 2?  I am writing this as a result of the regeneration that I have achieved through multiple hours of Yoga – yes, Baba Ramdev’s Kapal-Bharati is the only route to Time-Lordism.


Enough chit-chat. We are here to demystify the many secrets embedded in Krrish 3‘s 2 minute 15 seconds trailer.


There’s double Hrithiks having an almost Rakhi Gulzar / Nirupa Roy moment, a metal Vivek, a cleavaged metal Kangna, a flying tongue, a city which is celebrating Diwali only with blue fireworks, and so much more. There’s farts – not just mere mortal ones, but ones with superhero DNA being used as a biological weapon. So, you do NOT want to miss out this. Hit the jump already!

Statutory Warning: The visuals in Krrish 3’s trailer mark great resemblance to many superhero, scifi movies. But then that has been the only one thing consistent about this franchise.  

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5 Things I Did Like About Ra.One [Review]

Ra.One review

Like the many reviews out there, my thoughts on Ra.One are also divided. On one hand, I have extremely strong complaints against the movie’s script and its many inconsistencies [ Check out my previous post – My 5 Complaints against Ra.One]. But on the other hand, there is no denying, that there is some amount of absolutely engaging good stuff here. This probably is a good thing for the movie’s future on BluRay or DVD, as we can straight away skip the shitty bits and watch the good ones. So in true Hollywood style, I present to you this sequel to my review – The Ying to the Yang ..the White to the get it.

If I were to be a crafty editor, this is what I’d suggest Ra.One to be – a coherent script which slickly travels through ..

**The 5 Things I Did Like About Ra.One**

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5 Complaints Against Ra.One [Review]

Ra.One - Sharukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Ra.One was supposed to hit a triple home-run. Ra.One was supposed to melt me inside out with its massive scale and mindblowing shimmery effects. Ra.One was supposed to be not just good, but awesomely great, and pave the way for the future of Indian cinema to wake up and smell the digital coffee, rather than sit on that melodramatic Karwa-Chauth and Sagai flavoured couch. Of all the things, Ra.One did manage to possibly give a taster for the things that could be in the future. But at the end of it all, it falls way short of my expectations. Oh how much I wanted to like this movie, but even with the best of my efforts, this movie swings between the extremes of annoying slapstick and total wtf-ery. Of course there is a whole bunch of shit loaded in this vehicle which kept me engaged and entertained. Butthere is a whole bunch of absolute dog poo as well. The script is so flawed and mindless, that I can only facepalm at the thought that the talented makers spent almost 5 years to end up with a product like this. As a faithful consumer of this product, this is my open letter to the makers – Shahrukh Khan, Anubhav Sinha and the writers. Here are my 5 complaints against Ra.One.

P.S. I invite SRK fanbois and gals can actively protest and counter my points in the comments section.

**5 Complaints Against Ra.One**

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