Kahaani (2012) [Movie Review]

Kahaani - Movie Review, Vidya Balan, Sujoy Ghosh

You know it’s an awesome movie, when it compels you to think about it over and over again, long after the credits have rolled. You keep thinking, trying to put back the pieces in place, as the director had pointed it out, and also in your own direction of thought, questioning the feasibility. And when it all fits, you smile like a complete fool. But fuck the world, that smile is one of satisfaction – of experiencing a surge of current through your neurons, which have not been so excited for quite some time. And you almost can’t help giving in to the temptation of going back for a second viewing, just to revisit the jigsaw pieces strewn around the length of the movie, to add up to the big picture. Yes, Kahaani is *that* awesome.

I have taken my time with this, as I have revisited Kahaani. And as usual, I have volumes to talk about the movie.
Beware, long post, and yes, SPOILERS alert! :-

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Steal This Pitch: Bhaago Zombies Bhaago!

Desi Zombieland

Now, I have been having quite an idle time. And when I am faced with such a situation, my mind wanders around thinking of just randomly awesome things, trying to quench my “khujlee” for “nirmal anand“, which I have no control on. Now, I cannot mention all of them, as I can’t remember most of them, and those I do remember either are too strong [read: X-Rated] to be mentioned here, or just don’t make any sense. But, idle daydreaming can also be quite fruitful. In this case, what I have come up with is a possible script of a kick-ass Bollywood movie. Now, we have seen a lot of Zombie movies, and as you might or might not know, I love zombie movies. But we are yet to see any Bollywood director make a proper Zombie movie. The keyword here is ‘proper’. Yes, we have seen live actors sleepwalk through a whole movie (*cough* Sanju Baba *cough*), and wooden faces which can corrode a zombie (*ahem* Mimoh!!). But we are not talking Ramsay face-painted monsters, or Vikram Bhatt’s lineup of monstrous unintentionally comic actors. Zombie business is serious shit. And to suit everyone’s taste buds, I am presenting you three different takes that Bollywood can adopt as its own spin on the Zombie movie genre. The sole purpose behind this post is to generate some collective creative juice so that we can get a much needed break from the deficiency of fresh new ideas. So here are..

** 3 Ideas for The Next Bollywood Zombie Movie **

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Movie Review: Seven Days

My education of Korean cinema is limited to Chan Wook Park’s Vengeance trilogy [ Read my review of the Vengeance trilogy]. Of course, besides that K-movies are known worldwide for their indulgence with romance and rom-coms. However, director Shin-yeon Won’s crime thriller ‘Seven Days’ starring Kim Yunjin [ of Lost fame ] is a gloomy and dark tale revealed in a who-dunnit fashion. But the after effect of the movie is more thought provoking. And that is where Seven Days scores. It is a movie beyond the 125 minutes that it plays. Yes it is a relatively long movie, but the tension never loses grip and when the climax hits you, you leave still trying to fit together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

The movie begins with criminal lawyer Yu Ji-yeon’s daughter getting kidnapped. The ransom demanded by the kidnapper is to defend and prove a rapist-murderer as innocent within the next seven days. The only ally that she gets is a cop friend while the murder victim’s mother and a corrupt would-be politician want the murderer to be executed. What follows next is a mind-boggling list of puzzles being revealed clue after clue as the body count keeps increasing. And wait till the end when you get the mother of all twists (pun intended, to understand it, watch the flick)

So what did I like about the movie?

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Review: Torchwood – Children of Earth

Torchwood Children of Earth

Lemme begin with ..Oh Torchwood! What an experience it has been for me! Five episodes on five days..back to back. It has been such a roller-coaster ride mixed with extreme emotions and juxtaposed with intensely gripping drama and also posing some absolutely disturbing themes. Torchwood’s latest series – Children of Earth could not have been better. But yes, for all the people who keep expecting for yet some more [ people like me], there is so much more left to be craving for. Coming back to Torchwood, what made me glued to the screen was the intense human emotions associated with a horrible horrible situation. God forbid, if we *ARE* faced with such a situation, I really wonder how the current global leaders would handle it. It is a huge comment on the global political scenario and also most importantly, how the US feels left out and suffers from an inferiority complex when an Alien invasion scenario occurs in central London, rather than NY or San Fransisco.

Series synopsis:

Torchwood - 1965, the first appearance of the 456

Day 1: Lets have a quick rewind of what happened previously [15 months sabbatical to be precise ]. Death of 2 regular characters in the finale. The Torchwood team this series remains limited to Ianto, Gwen and Capt.Jack .
Flashback to 1965 Scotland – A close encounter with Aliens and 12 children walking towards an enormous beam of light. Flash forward to present-day where all children momentarily freeze, simultaneously.  … Read More