Coke Studio at MTV - A R Rahman

A.R.Rahman’s Jagao Mere Des Ko – Coke Studio At MTV

A.R.Rahman’s next big thing on Coke Studio At MTV  got “leaked” on the Youtube Channel before its broadcast tonight (Aug 17, 2013). And it has been gathering steam, and deservingly so. Jagao Mere Des Ko comes to fruition from the collaboration of extraordinary geniuses. Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitto Jaytha Bhoyshunno (Where the mind is without fear) finds a new melodic life in Rahman’s colourful music.

Coke Studio at MTV - Jagao Mere Des Ko

And layered with Suchi’s ear-meltingly beautiful voice, and the lyrical waxing of Sivamani and Blaaze, this is possibly one of Rahman’s BEST yet. And I am not exaggerating. We dig in deeper into the music, the lyrics, and more after the jump. Read More

And this is what happened at Filmfare Awards 2012


Filmfare 2012- what does that mean to me and you? Aap ka to pata nahi, but for me, it definitely means a lot of edited emoticons, lols, facepalms, sleepy faces, drooping make ups, fake laughters, lazy applause and SRK’s PJ’s and self-deprecating jokes (to compensate for Ra.One). There are the lacklustre performances spiced up with snazzy Adobe Premiere effects like a Balaji serial. And finally, lots and lots of laughter tracks randomly sprinkled throughout the show. Now, since the heavily edited version of the show is 2.5 hours long (imagine what was at the editor’s table), I have taken up the responsibility to help you not spend these 2.5 hours, and instead spend a few minutes with this post that gives you all the masala of what happened at the Filmfare Awards 2012. Hit the jump to find out

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Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 1 [Review]

Bigg Boss 5When the world is busy fighting the evils of capitalism and the double-faced monsters of austerity, Viacom 18  and Endemol India have conjured up this much bigger evil of unleashing the  Hydra version of Bollywood’s biggest slut – Shakti ‘Aaoo’ Kapoor, and has given him 11 “laundiyas” to play with. If you think that with that comment, I just objectified women, then you should check out how Colors is actually promoting it. Ladies and Gentlemen, quite against our initial apprehensive thought that this reality TV series would make it to its 5th incarnation, Bigg Boss Season 5 is here. And with national media covering every move, there is just no escaping this absolutely unnecessary and unwanted television show. Producers are just happy creating more TRP by means of the outrageous characterisation of the “Reality TV” versions of these “has-been” and “wannabe” celebs. And we as a nation, are happy to keep tuning in, no matter how much we continue to despise it.

Although I can’t believe that I am actually writing about something I absolutely hate, I have to keep reminding myself that this is for the greater good of stopping as many people as I can from watching this show. So, if you care to survive through this shit-storm, then hit the jump as we discuss through the Season premiére of Big Boss Season 5.
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The Big Ass Post on IIFA Awards 2011 – Toronto

IIFA awards 2011, Toronto

The awards season quite abruptly wakes up from hibernation right in the middle of the year coz, STOP! its IIFA time. Held at Toronto, Canada this year, this is a world-touring Bollywood Mela featuring the whos-who as well as the starlets, has-beens and wanna-bees of the Bolly clans. The headline breaking and eye-blinding bling of the star performances dancing their best Baraati steps occupy most of the spotlight, more than who’s winning what ( seriously, who gives a rat’s ass about those ). And like in a traditional marriage with all the band baaja, the awarding committee is indeed the Father of the many Brides marrying on that very night. Yes, IIFA (and other award functions) is no less than any pompous grand Indian wedding. It is all about the naachgana, the dhoom, the bang, the dhadaka. There’s food, there’s booze and there’s mithai. Special Mithai – only for the esteemed guest list who make it to the front 3-4 rows, being normally distributed to fit the perfect ‘bell curve’. The rest of us, simply don’t give a shit. You know why? Because, frankly, I feel as connected to Bollywood awards (pretty much all of them) as I do with weddings of friends of ‘door ke rishtedaar’. I don’t feel interested to be involved in it, even for a bit, but yet would like to watch the video to find out what shit got taped.

It won’t be wrong to state that the IIFA awards is an amalgamation of the following elements:

a) a Film Festival ( since it helps promote Indian films – both classic ones as well as upcoming releases, although how much does it help promote indie features and upcoming talent is quite doubtful ),

b) a Parent’s day function ( since all the debutante producer’s ke bacchhe get baptised and almost lose their onscreen virginity onstage in front of their papajee and mummyjee), and

c) a mutually benefical (aka you scratch my back, I scratch yours , aka you give me an award and I’ll show up) tamasha.

[Image heavy post after the jump, and the discussion continues]
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