The Finalists of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 and Predictions

Britain's Got Talent 2009

We are less than 20 hours away from the Big Finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. From thousands of auditions shortlisted to 200, then 40 for the live Semi-Finals, we are now down to the 10 Finalists. We have gone through one helluva rollercoaster week of mind-numbing, ear-bursting, earth shattering performances. We have also tolerated the utterly ugly and disgusting ones too [You know which ones I am referring to]. But here we are just going to talk about the Final 10.

**LIST OF FINALISTS OF BGT 2009: Season 3**

Shaheen Jafargholi
Julian Smith
Stavros Flatley
Susan Boyle
Shaun Smith
2 Grand
Aidan Davis
Hollie Steel

We are gonna discuss each of them and make our predictions of the winner of this years Britain’s Got Talent. But before that, lemme just say it. This years bunch is bigger, better and a healthy bunch of absolutely deserving finalists. And by that I mean, we wont have to see any buzzers go off in the finals. We wont see negative comments [hopefully] for any of the performances. But as Simon said: They all have their shot at it. It can be anybody’s game now. On one hand , we have the entire world rooting their eyes on the Internet sensation: Susan Boyle. But we know [ secretly, we all know] that there are actually better performances than Susan Boyle [arguably. Yeah yeah! I don’t get her vocals etc etc!!] Looking at the list of the Final 10, the obvious names that emerge as potential threats, or even show stealers for tomorrow’s Finale are: Shaheen Jafargholi, Aidan Davis, Julian Smith and finally either of Diversity and Flawless.
Anyway, let’s get back to the Final 10 oneact at a time. First it’s Shaheen.

Shaheen Jafargholi:
Auditions: He gave us Jackson 5.
Semi Final: He gave us Jennifer Holiday.
What is in store for tomorrow’s performance? What can be bigger than a Jennifer Holiday song? Can it be some Arethra Franklin? What do you say? Will a “Chain of Fools” do justice to Shaheen’s vocal range? Too many questions. The answer is simple. Whatever maybe the outcome, Shaheen is definitely getting a record deal with SyCo [Simon Cowell] and with a voice like that, he will make it big for sure. He is very young, talented, confident and has the charms to make him a complete saleable commodity. He is already a winner. And with reported upset replies from Susan Boyle, we can surely see the reason. Of course, we are cheering for Shaheen all the way. GO SHAHEEN!!!

They mean it when they say their name. Their dance act is tight. The choreography is crisp, creative and detailed.
Have a look at their audition video.
And this is their Semi Final performance.
If they perform an encore of their Semi Final performance tonight, they will still be a very strong dance act. But I believe that their Final act performance act is going to be stellar. The only problem here is, a dance act to win the finale is almost unlikely. Let’s have a look at the previous two seasons.
Season 1: Completely overshadowed by Paul Potts and Connie Talbot. Both singers.
The story of Paul Potts: Regular guy, works at Carphone Warehouse, sings Opera, makes YouTubers go nuts.
His edge: Regular guy to Opera Sensation.
Story of Connie Talbot: Little cute Connie performs Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and mesmerized everyone.
Her edge: cuteness, toothless smile, nerves of steel.

Season 2: There were a few dance acts viz. Flava and Nemesis. Only Flava made it to the Finals. But they failed to create the magic.
Other dance acts included the downright cute-Cheeky Monkeys, the Bhangra meets MJ duo: Signature and of course Winner: George Sampson.
Although George is a good dancer, his victory is undoubtedly because of “sympathy vote” rather than his skill.

So coming back to Flawless, they do not have a background story associated with the act. That is why acts like Julian Smith and Susan Boyle stand a chance at winning this season.

The other perfect dance group. Why doesn’t Britain have a Dance competition like So You Think You Can Dance, or “Britain’s Best Dance Crew”?
They proved with their First performance that they had the X-Factor and the Talent as well to win this. But if only this show was about the talent. As Jerry Springer said in last night’s “Britain’s Got More Talent”: “As a host of America’s Got Talent, what attracts people more is the story behind the performances. We don’t believe that Elvis Presley has the greatest voice in the world. But we love him to bits”. Hmm!!
Have a look at the second performance of Diversity at the Semi Finals. Michael Jackson meets Mission Impossible. And the phone call sketch included was fresh and creative. But as mentioned in the case of Flawless, do they have the edge to compell the audience to vote for them over Susan Boyle, Julian Smith or even Shaheen?

Julian Smith:
His performance at his audition was heartwrenching.
His semi-final performance repeated it, and took it to the next level.
He really wants this to work out. He has been a “so-close but yet-so-far” all his past life. And being at the Finals of such a big show are what dreams are made of. Audiences love stuff like this. And that is why, Julian Smith could be one of the dark horses of the competition, if not the favorite to win it tomorrow. Yes, there we go. I said that out loud. Julian Smith could actually WIN IT tomorrow.

Stavros Flatley:
Everybody in the list for finalists of BGT has something to do with music or dance. When it comes to Stavros Flatley, it is more about Laughter and some more laughter, than anything else.
In an interview to Britain’s Got More Talent last night, Daddy Flatley said: We are just having a good time. You guys are thinking we are dancing, but we can’t. We are just having fun.
So true. Have a look at their audition video. It still hurts my belly when I watch it.
And their Semi-Final performance brings the widest smile in my capacity.
And with the humble father thanking his son for letting him dance in his company, accompanied by workers in their family restaurant, we have a killer of a Variety Act. To put it rightly, this indeed represents “Variety” with a capital V.
How cool would it be to open the curtains with the Queen in the audience [of the Royal Variety] and Stavros Flatley show their best moves. Britain’s voters could go nuts and vote them the winners. Of course, if Jedi is a religion, anything is possible.

Shaun Smith:
Audition: Ain’t No Sunshine
Semi Finals: With or Without You.
Not avery strong contender as I would like to put it. He has a good voice. He certainly has the looks to sell ads and even make it to Coronation Street, or even some singles. That pretty much sums it up.
He is not winning the Final; fo sho.

2 Grand:
The audition was really touching. More so because the stage was small, and there was no act to be directly compared to.
In the Semi Finals though, when 2Grand faced the Judges vote vs. Callum Francis [who in my opinion should have been in the finale], all I could think was, the performance was average at best.
But again, coming back to the ‘Story’ criteria, there is certainly that emotional quotient going in favour for this act. The grandfather and granddaughter performing together.
But I don’t think this act has the potential to win it.

Aidan Davis:
His audition dance act [Track: Low by Flo Rida] made him being nicknamed as the New George Sampson. Imho, he is much better.
Semi Final: Track: Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake. The video monitor infinity loop thing was out of this world.
He certainly has the moves, but standing next to Diversity and Flawless- who have the moves and the choreography with the story twist, it is difficult to believe that Aidan can pull off a George this year.

Hollie Steel:
Audition: Confident and stellar performance.
Semi Final: Act part-I: She gives in to her nerves, and the pressure of performing in front of a big audience breaks Hollie’s confidence.
Performance Part-II: She gets her act together, completes it, and in the process, gives a brilliant performance.
I love Hollie’s performance to bits. But here’s my problem. What if Aidan was to get nervous and ask for a second chance? Am I being mean? No, I am just being honest. Also, it is a bigger audience, bigger stage, and its the Finals.
So what if Hollie breaks down tomorrow again? I don’t think she will be given another chance. As of now, chances of Hollie’s winning the show are quite slim.

Susan Boyle:
The name is one of the most searched keyword on YouTube and the other video uploading websites.
Her audition video has broken and remade records, and it is one of the reasons why readers from China, Serbia, Netherlands and even Auckland are reading my posts.
With her Semi Final performance, she restated that she is not limited to just one performance.
However, she has got some negative press [ damn the papparazzi circus ] and she even was reported to have thoughts of leaving the show.
But even if everyone says anything about Susan Boyle, it is undeniable about the magnitude of her impact on this show. The story of an old lady from a Scottish village chasing a dream to become a professional singer, and above all, making the judges look like fools, when they judge someone by their looks and ‘saleability’. All of that adds to Susan Boyle being the favourite to win the Finals tomorrow night.

So we are done discussing the finalists individually. Time for summing up the predictions:


Just Finalists: Performances who will be just finalists — 2 Grand, Hollie Steel, Aidan Davis, Shaun Smith Stavros Flatley, Diversity, Flawless

Strongest Contenders: Shaheen Jafargholi, Julian Smith,

Predicted Winner: Susan Boyle.[ Yes, although I want Shaheen to win, the most probable winner of the finals is Susan. Or, will Britain surprise me in a very pleasant way?]

But again, it is a Live Finale. Anything can happen. Steps can go wrong or perfectly right. Nerves can kill performances. Pressure can reduce great performers to be just mediocre. And at the end of the day, shit can certainly happen.
To find it who will win the Finals, do Join us for the Liveblog of the Finale.

The finale is at an earlier timeslot: 6:45 pm, London Time on ITV1. See you guys. Good Night!!

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10 thoughts to “The Finalists of Britain’s Got Talent 2009 and Predictions”

  1. Given all considerations, Shaheen Jafargholi is most talented one here. I was stunned by Susan Boyle’s audition; how many time have I watched her “I dreamed a dream” in YouTube???? Maybe, zillions or more…. Then, her semi-final act was not that great compared to her first act. Yet, Shaheen is only getting better & better. I can’t wait to see his final performance tomorrow night.

    One more, I wished that BGT made an exception to their rules for Callum Francis, maybe, he will try again next year??? Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wish him the best luck!!!


    Sujoy Reply:

    For sure, Shaheen is the most talented one [ or at least, the best singer amongst the lot].
    It is a recurring debate, how can someone compare dance with music, which one’s superior? So I’d rather stay away from comparing
    Diversity/Flawless from Shaheen/Susan or even Julian. But yes, secretly or rather quite blatantly, I am rooting for Shaheen.

    I absolutely loved Callum’s performance of Jungle Book. And he is definitely going to the West End.
    Even if he doesn’t come to BGT next year, I can see the reason why. Coz he might already be doing his plays across UK and beyond.


  2. wow, very Sujoy, thank you for providing so nice and detailed information and comments on the finalists. Well done!

    Yes, everyone is expecting the results right now, pity that we Chinese fans cannot watch it LIVE, but only with watching it after downloading somewhere. Anyway, its still very nice as long as we can enjoy it.

    I agree with you, same as many others, Susan will be the biggest winner, the champion i mean.

    Second place i think would go to Diversity, which is perfect, creative, very enjoyable group dancing.

    Third place might be Aidan Davis or Shaun Smith I think, though Shaheen is very good as well, but… who knows….lets wait and see!!!


    Sujoy Reply:

    We’ll see you at the Liveblog of The Finals dear.
    Thanks a lot again for your appreciative comments.

    I am rooting for Shaheen


  3. i tried to open the ITV program on its official channel, and eager to join your live blog, but failed. It says that only can be viewed in UK. What a pity!

    So, we only can watch it later when the downloading its available on Sunday.

    So, I sincerely wishing you can enjoy it. Whoever wins! Congratulations!hehe!

    See you tomorrow!

    I’m sure by then everything is already here in ur blog.



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