Krrish 3 - Meme

The Krrish 3 Trailer Explained In GIFs and Memes [Trailer Masala]

The trailer for the most anticipated Diwali Release of 2013, FilmKraft’s Krrish 3 has landed on the interwebs. And the world has exploded into pieces resulting from the awesomeness. Or rather from the confusion behind- Where the Fuck is Krrish 2?  I am writing this as a result of the regeneration that I have achieved through multiple hours of Yoga – yes, Baba Ramdev’s Kapal-Bharati is the only route to Time-Lordism.


Enough chit-chat. We are here to demystify the many secrets embedded in Krrish 3‘s 2 minute 15 seconds trailer.


There’s double Hrithiks having an almost Rakhi Gulzar / Nirupa Roy moment, a metal Vivek, a cleavaged metal Kangna, a flying tongue, a city which is celebrating Diwali only with blue fireworks, and so much more. There’s farts – not just mere mortal ones, but ones with superhero DNA being used as a biological weapon. So, you do NOT want to miss out this. Hit the jump already!

Statutory Warning: The visuals in Krrish 3’s trailer mark great resemblance to many superhero, scifi movies. But then that has been the only one thing consistent about this franchise.  


So, the trailer begins with a smokey animation, showing off how far Indian animation firms have come. It could also be just an extension of that long-ass No-Smoking Statutory Warning advert which is compulsory to be shown before any movie screening in India. How does it make it to the DVD release though?

Inspiration: The Dark Knight opening smoke screen. Don’t be surprised if the Krrish K comes flying out of that smoke.

Krrish 3 - Meme

So, Mr. Scientist Rohit is back, and so is his voice, that has been reported to have caused allergy amongst pregnant women. Apparently, he’s done some experiments and has come up with the Jadoo photoelectric effect that could result in ..wait for it.. “Regeneration”. DUDE! THAT’s AWESOMEBALLS! Hang on, that lab does look like Dr.Curt Connors’. Yeah, them lasers man. Hang on, didn’t Connors want his arm to grow back? Ahem!

Krrish 3 GIF

Moving on. There’s some magnetic shit flying man. And he’s got the voice of Vivek Oberoi. Is he a Mecha?


Is he a Decepticon? Is he Metal Man?


Is he Ra.One’s naajayaz aulaad? Just fucking tell me already! Oh, he walks slowly. He must be evil then.


Apparently, he has ego issues, and doesn’t like being called MC / BC / or any North Indian nickname.

Inspiration: Spiderman 3 – Peter Parker vs. Harry Osborne.


Oh, I went ahead a bit. Lemme get a step back. Even a trailer has a “Phata Poster Nikla Hero” wala scene..and not just one..TWO – one from the top..

And one from the side…

Krrish 3 Meme

And man, he even gets an entry to an almost Hans Zimmer wala Brrrum Brrrum horns wala score. Somebody at FilmKraft has been quite busy with all the research.


And there’s the complementary side-dish (on the house) Kangna Ranaut, squeezed into a metal suit, doing billi-jaise-kartab.

SRK chachu hote, to zaroor kehte – Meri Junglee Billi

Furthermore, seems like this film has spent a lot of money on Diwali fireworks. Look.


Hang on! Inspiration: Amazing Spiderman, again!!


Just fucking look, there’s even a guy with a Toad tongue (*cough X-Men cough*), who has an upset stomach, causing him to fucking destroy everything. The building roof went kaboom with a blue mushroom cloud when he farted.


Am I the only one getting the fart references? Or is there something in the wind?



Since PC is officially US return now, she can do some Videsi style liplock. Sadly, it’s not upside down.


At least it’s better than –

Zanjeer gif Priyanka Chopra

So, as you would expect, there’s buildings crashing, and someone has a severe dry skin problem.


But the best stuff in the trailer have to be these –




And then we go back to an emo-shot of the hero as he looks ahead to the horizon from an insanely high tower, standing on the edge. Probably he’s peeing down on the street.

Krrish 3 Meme

And of course, I had to make this.

Krrish 3 GIF

This is a post made by !@#$$###@#!%#@^^. The blog owner does not hold any responsibility, neither is this post meant to mar or defame any celebrity or Bollywood filmmaker. FilmKraft, do not sue us. We are already under a lot of stress. 

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