The Sargam of Sadhana

I know the word ‘underrated’ is overused a lot to actually describe how talented and yet unrewarded someone is. But in this case, without any doubt I can certainly say that the Indian film industry has not awarded the brilliance of Sadhana Sargam as much as she deserves it. Now I know the die hard fans of Sadhana jee will be absolutely furious and aag-baboola over my comment on her not being awarded enough etc. and they would cite me a long ass list of the awards that she has won. But guys/gals you are missing the point. We are in the same team. So let’s just celebrate the music of Sadhana Sargam with what I believe are the Top 10 songs of Sadhana Sargam’s musical career so far. And yes they are not in any particular order. I just think they are all equally brilliant. And btw, there is one BIG connection between 6 of the songs in this list other than of course being sung by Sadhana jee.

Now I know such a list has the risk of being absolutely personal, and it is indeed. So any omissions on my part should not be taken too personally. You are always welcome to comment and probably add your own favourites to the list and that is why WordPress Comments exist. ๐Ÿ™‚

***TOP 10 Songs of Sadhana Sargam***

Beginning the list with – Jhula Baahon Ka [ Doli Sajake Rakhna ].

Jhula Baahon Ka - Doli Sajake Rakhna

I don’t know if everyone is going to agree with the inclusion of this very song. But to me, this is a very melodic composition by Rahman sir. Right from the intro Tara Ran Tan Tan Tan Hooo… to the chorus – Tu Khushee , Tu Karaar, Tu Bahaar Hai.. it is a well blended song. The strings accompany the fluid vocals of Sadhana effortlessly. And add to that the innocence of Jyothika. Of course, it is a treat to watch Paresh Rawal dance, but this song is here because Sadhana’s innocent voice speaks effortlessly about how the little girl in the family wants to be pampered by her Gabru Bhaiyas. Of course the Ghar Ki Laadli deserves all the attention ๐Ÿ™‚

Hit the Jump for the whole list.

Naina Neer [Water]

It was between this and Aayo Re Sakhi. Now Aayo Re Sakhi, as much as I love it, it is diluted by the awesome Sukhwinder Singh’s intro. So I went for this one, which is also a very simple yet a brilliant composition. The minimal use of accompanying instruments on this track magnifies the overall impact of the vocals. And how beautifully this song speaks of the pain and anguish and love lost and found. Get a glimpse of the lyrics

Prem hai Giridhar ki baasuriyaan
Prem hai Radha ki saavariyaan

[Translation: Love is the flute of Krishna, Love is Radha’s Krishna]

Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta [Jaanbaaz]

Har Kisiko Nahi Milta - Jaanbaaz

One of her earliest hits, this probably shot her to fame ; thanks to the scintillating sari-fying Sridevi. She dances like a dream. And I know that should not be the reason to include a track into a Top 10 songs list. But have a look at the video. It’s the 80s and it’s got some infectious guitar intro riff. And it’s got Feroz Khan. And Sridevi. And red sari. And blue sari. And she smiles. ‘Nuff said.

Snegithanae [Alaipayuthey]

Snegithanae - Alaipayuthey

Many may argue that I am inlcuding this instead of Chupke Se just because I am a purist. Which I totally am NOT. Just listen to this track. Now even though I don’t know a single word of Tamil [ apart from the swear words or Ille, Vanakkam etc], there is some inexplicable brilliance in Snegithanae which I am unable to find in Chupke Se. [ Not so surprisingly, I liked Alaipayuthey more than Saathiya] Speaking of Sadhana’s vocals here, she is “ekdum fantaaastic” in this one. Take it and go!

Banno Rani [ 1947 Earth]

This is an astounding soundtrack. I don’t know what sort of a percussion is used, or if it is just a synthesised track. But Sadhana’s vocals are so chirpy and happy in this one. It is played in every Shaadi and every Shaadi wala occasion on any Telly serial. And even with so much repeated playing, Banno Rani doesn’t seem to lose its charm for me. The long instrumental piece in the end is again one of Rahman’s signature moments.

Konjum Mainakkale [Kandukondain Kandukondain]

Konjum Mainakkale - Kandukondain Kandukondain

This one is not one of my favourites from the soundtrack just because this soundtrack has just way too many awesome tracks, one after another. But having said that, Konjum Mainakkale is also one helluva track. I love the way how Rahman uses the Bass Guitar on this one. And Sadhana’s playful vocals flirt around with such ease. And just before the first Antara, there is a very very beautiful Guitar piece followed by the flute. And although I am not a big fan of Miss plastic Aishwarya Rai, this is a brilliant work by her. And I loved watching her dance with the Kathakali dancers.

Aao Naa [ Kyu Ho Gaya Na ]

Don’t get repelled by the idea of Vivek Oberoi really giving a fake attempt on strumming the guitar. This is a killer track. Sadhana and Shankar’s aalap with Ga Ga Re Ga Ga Re.. is I think one of the most beautiful compositions by the trio. And Sadhana begins the track with –

Gunjee si hai…Saaree Fiza..
Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiya

This is I believe one of those Must-Include on Valentine’s Day playlists. The sound is so contemporary and lounge, and yet at the core of it, there is an awesome -Ga Ga Re Ga Ga Re .. being looped. How awesome is that!

I know the movie tanked and it had its fair reasons. But there is no fair reason why you should ignore this track. If you haven’t given it a shot, there is no better time than NOW.

Tere Dar Par Sanam [ Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee ]

I remember this song for its intro Piano, Violin and the unforgettably nasal Kumar Sanu signature sound – Chale Aaannnnyeee. Tu Naa Aaya to Hummmnnnn…Okay, should not make fun of Sanu da.[ Here’s the male version] And the female version of the song along with the male one, is nothing short of a 90’s icon, along with Aashiqui. Quite surprisingly, the brilliant composition credits of this song goes to Anu Malik jee. [The man has some really good ones no doubt, and this one is definitely a big one] .

Vennilave [ Minsara Kanavu]

Another Rajeev Menon movie. And that means some brilliant picturisation. Music by AR Rahman. But the ace of the track is how brilliantly Sadhana accompanies Hariharan and they both complement each other beautifully. The extremely high notes of Hariharan are soothed out by the serene vocals of Sadhana and this one is always a favourite for every Rahman lover, isn’t it? And before you, yes it is – Sapnay , and the song is ‘Chanda Re’ in Hindi. Sue me.

Pehla Nasha [ Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander ]

Pehla Nasha - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander

Of course you knew this was coming. Who doesn’t love this song? The movie was a big hit, but I believe this song catapulted the movie’s following long after the movie’s release. No doubt JJWS is one of my favourite movies. And some part of it is for this one single song. Sadhana begins the track with –

Chahe Tum Kuch Naa Kaho, Maine Sun Liya
Ke Saathi Pyar Ka, Mujhe Chun Liya..Chun Liya.. Maine Sun Liya

[Translation: Even though you haven’t spoken a word, I’ve heard it
That you have chosen me as your lover, I’ve heard it]

Some awesome piano piece which every keyboard enthusiast would consider as the one to play, and of course, the now famous Slo-Mo choreo by Farah Khan are all highs for this song. But to me nothing goes at the top of the list than Sadhana singing the lines – Aur Choome Wo Mujhe Pyar Se ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you go peeps. That’s the list. ย I am sure I missed out on some very good ones. But worthy mentions are –

Neele Neele Ambar [Kalakaar] – I didn’t want to steal Kishore da’s thunder. That song belonged to Kishore da.

Hanste Hanste Kat Jaaye Raste [ Khoon Bhari Maang ] – Well, that song is so Nitin Mukesh.

Teri Ummeed Tera Intezaar [ Deewana] – I don’t like this track, but this was a big hit. All it reminds me is of Chintu jee having a tough fight with his belly and hence consciously wearing sweaters whilst romancing late Divya Bharati.

Main Teri Mohabbat Main [ Tridev] – Oh man! Sunny Deol. Romancing. Madhuri. Hang on – Male vocals – Mohd. Aziz. Next.

Do lemme know what you thought of the list, and what should have been added or not added to the list. And of course, about the link that connects 6 of the tracks on the list. That should be very very easy.Shout it out in the comments. Cheerio.

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24 thoughts to “The Sargam of Sadhana”

  1. Great list! She seriously is a very underrated artiste. Rahman always seems to give her awesome melodies, to which she does complete justice.
    And I'll have to admit, I didn't know 'Pehla Nasha' was sung by her ๐Ÿ˜


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Pradyut Jee. And dude, how come you did not know that Sadhana jee was the one who sang Pehla Nasha. I mean,,….HOW???? Ok, I should calm down ha!

    As you said, Rahman Sir has been the only one who has done complete justice to her range and versatility. Look at her work in the 80s and 90s. Of course, Bollywood was in a shitty state then as well.


  2. Yeh hui naa baat. WP has best commenting system default. kyon use nahi kar raha tha?

    No doubt Sadhna ji is great among her peers.

    Absolutely love Doli Saja … ‘s song. So cute song it is. No one by Rahman has brought her best songs. Water is amongst Top 5 works of Rahman just because of Sadhna’s voice.

    Yet to see/listen the Tamil ones you have listed. but yes, Aao Naa is another personal favorite. U’ve mentioned this is a must for V-day playlist – ๐Ÿ™‚ I have already made such list remember my SEL Vday post? The aalaap is fab.

    And oh, good old Nineties song !! Phir teri kahaani… I just forgot that one when you tweeted asking fav Sadhna song.

    And ahaa.. Pehla nasha – your word describes it all – Who doesnโ€™t love this song?

    kyaa yaar ! link toh clear hai in 6 songs. ARRRRRR….

    Mast post.
    .-= dunkdaft’s last blog ..:Paathshala : A lesson for Institutes =-.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Arre, DISQUS had its share of many advantages. It was very easy to maintain, and Spam filters and SEO stuff was easy too. But then, if it had problems in the basic functionality itself, then all the additional stuff does not mean anything, does it?

    I do agree about ‘Water’ being one of Rahman’s best.

    Jaldi se Tamil waale gaane suno. Arre haa, I did read that Valentine’s wala post.

    Tere Dar Par Sanam kisi ne kyun tweet nahi kiya ๐Ÿ˜
    Link decode karne ke liye aapko milte hai bahut saari taaliya..ekdum muft muft!!!


  3. I very much enjoyed reading this, Sadhana is a hot favourite of mine, it would be a sin to tell you how many times i’ve listened to her Har Kisi ki nahin milta no. it made No. 1 on my fave Sridevi tunes i did a while back
    .-= bollywoodeewana’s last blog ..:Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai (1990) =-.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Oooh a Sridevi special. Shall definitely make it a point to read it tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sadhana excels with Rahman’s music don’t you think? And one very silly exclusion from the list is – Jab Koi Baat – from Jurm.


  4. I love song from “heaven and earth” when she sing “warrior in peace”, she pitch her voice perfectly and what a great music by A.R. Rahman


    Sujoy Reply:

    I haven’t heard that soundtrack. But now that you mentioned it, I guess, it is indeed worth checking out


  5. I liked the list but still Sadhana Sargam is currently no. 1 playback singer in India due to her to all regional cinema music contribution.
    Her top songs are as follows…..
    1] Hindi…
    Neela Neele Ambar Par/Kalakaar
    Har Kisi Ko/Jaanbaaz
    Haste Haste/Khoon Bhari Maang
    Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye/Jurm
    Tere Dar Pe Sanam/Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee
    Pehla Nasha/Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar
    Na Kajre Ki dhar/Mohra
    Aashiqui Me/Dil Ka Kya Kasoor
    Chanda RE/sAPNEY
    Bannorani/1947 earth
    Jhoola/Doli Saja Ke Rakhna
    O Palanhare/Lagaan
    Chupke se/Saathiya
    Kuch Na Kaho/Kuch Na Kaho
    Aao na/Q ho gaya na
    humko malum hain/Jaaneman
    Naina neer bahaye/water
    ayo re sakhi/water
    piya ho/water
    jogi aaya/black n white
    nanhe nanhe/drona….
    next tim wil gv u list of her regional hits…guys bye…
    i met sadhnaji 3 times last year…n spoke with her 25 mins during her concert…….
    she is true legend …..


  6. Heyyyy
    I had been tryin to recall that song for a while now- Teri ummeed Tera intzar kar tr hai.. I louv it..
    Aao na is my all time favorite.. Ga ga re ga ga re ga re ga ma ga re re re sa ni sa ni…. It rings a bell everytime I hear it
    one song u missed out – chupke se lag ja gale from saathiya.. Amazing composition..


  7. Sujoy,
    I think a great injustice is done in this list… some of the best Sadhana Sargam songs are in Tamil for A.R.Rehaman and Illayaraja and you have missed them. Not that I am Tamilian but she has sung in Marathi as well.
    a. The Rhythm song… An Be (the wind song) listen to it and you will hear Sadhana at her prisitine pure best.(a piece of advise listen on raaga or download the song not on you tube)
    b. Jamuna Kinare rah Nihare – Dalapathy for Illayaraja
    c. Another MArathi song- Dis Char Jhale Maan – i cannot recollect which movie but it is on Youtube


    Sujoy Reply:

    Hell Dan,

    I understand what you are saying. But the exclusion of those Tamil songs are not because I did not like them. Instead, it is because of my ignorance.
    The only few Tamil songs of Sadhana jee that I knew are included in the list.

    I will surely try the ones you have mentioned. And may be do a version 2.0 of this list. Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.


    dr.vaibhav Reply:

    Dis char jhale mann…This marathi song is from Marathi Film “Aaishappatth” released in 2006.


  8. chill man
    see you in the same boat in which i was couple of years ago when my “well” was only in the Hindi cinema and now have realized that there is more to music that Hindi film industry I am sure your love for good music will make you swim into unknow teritorries (read it as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and many other languages) which i bet will be far more better…..


    Sujoy Reply:

    Oh yeah! I love music irrespective of language. And most of the times, I happen to like the original versions – e.g. I love Chandralekha from Thiruda Thiruda more than the Hindi version. Its with Rahman and Illayaraja that I started exploring Tamil music, and discovered the other geniuses like Harris Jayaraj. And I love it. I haven’t been able to explore much of Marathi cinema, except for a very few. But I do like Bengali cinema at times.


  9. Sadhana ji the topmost playback singer …..
    Merit Rank….
    1] Sadhana Sargam
    2] Lata Mangeshkar
    3] Asha Bhonsle
    4] Suman Kalyanpur
    5] P.sushila
    6] S.Janaki
    7] Abida Parveen
    8] Usha Mangeshkar
    9] Reshma
    10] Anuradha Paudwal
    11] K.S.Chitra
    12] Kavita Krishnamurthy
    13] Alka Yagnik
    14] Vani Jayram
    15] Jaspinder Narula
    16] Shubha Mudgal
    17] Jayshree Shivram
    18] Mahalakshmi Iyyer
    19] Bombay Jayshree
    20] Shreya Ghoshal
    21] Sunidhi Chauhan
    22] Devki Pandit
    23] Swarnlatha
    24] Sujatha
    25] Madhushri
    26] Aarti Ankalikar Tikekar
    27] Rekha Bhardwaj
    28]Kavita Seth
    29] Bela Shende
    30] Anupama Deshpande
    31] Sharda Sinha
    32] Vibhavari Apte
    33] Anuradha Sriram
    34] Uttara Kelkar
    35] Pushpa Paghdhare
    36] Meetali Singh
    37] Soumya Rao
    38] Hema Sardesai
    39] Illa Arun
    41] Minmini
    42] Ranjana Joglekar
    43] Aasha Khadilkar
    44] Sapna Awasthi
    45] shweta Mohan
    46] Vaishali Samant
    47] Chinmayee
    48] Shraddha Pandit
    49] Falguni Pathak
    50] Shweta Pandit


  10. Dear Sujoy…..
    I will give you list of Sadhanaji’s Marathi Songs and Albums.
    Sadhanaji won 3 Maharashtara State Film Awards, 4 Maharashtra Times Sanman, 3 Sanskruti Kaladarpan Awards, 1 Zee Marathi Gaurav, 1 Chitrapati V.Shantaram and Sahyadri Konkan Swar-Ratna Award.
    I often talk to Sadhanaji. She is really greatest playback singer but still she is very down to earth.
    Her Popular Albums in Marathi are
    1] Nath Majhe Mi Nathancha…
    Music: Sriniwas Khale
    Co-Singer : Shaunak Abhisheki
    Lyrics: Arvind Aagashe
    Fountain Music
    2] Jay Jay Dattatrey Bhagwant
    Music : Shaank-Nil
    Co-Singer: Suresh Wadkar
    3] Sparsh
    Co-Singer : Suresh Wadkar, Neha Rajpal & Javed Ali
    4] Man Muthitun Gharangaltana
    Co-Singer : Suresh Wadkar, Devki Pandit & Ameya Date
    5] Challe Mi Sangtine Ne
    Music: Usha Tikekar
    Lyrics: Savita Damle
    Co-Singer: Vaishali Samant, Vidya Karlagikar, Mandar Apte & Anjali Nandgaonkar
    6] Dole Kashasathi
    Co-Singer : Arun Date
    7] Krishnabawari Radha
    Co-Singer: Swapnil Bandodkar , Vaishali Samant
    8] Swapnachya Gawee Jata
    Co-Singer: Swapnil Bandodkar
    Times Music
    9] Ga Ganpaticha
    Co-Singer: Roopkumar Rathod
    10] Krushivel
    Co-Singer : Devki Pandit & Swapnil Bandodkar


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