Tweeting the Movie: Review of Veer – Part 2

Bah! Ek Rahen Veer

We are back with the concluding part of the Movie Review. There was no reason to spread this across two posts other than my laziness. Trust me when I say that. I am not capitalising the interest in Veer to make it a blog merchandise kinda shit. I am not corporate minded. Actually, that’s not true, I am a bit. Forgive me, let’s get back to the post.


Yeah, so that Jaggu Dada in the black outfit calls himself the Yuvraj of Madhavgarh. He somewhat reminds me of the drunkard Chunni Lal and everytime I talk to him, I get the intuition that he might spit out the words – Hey Bidhhu!! any moment. Anywho, so he betrayed us, and killed lots of our Pindhari bros. And I cut his arm. That was so awesome Veera.

ANYWHO!!! Yeah, so now I have the eyeliner in place.


I’m gonna rob that lady’s brooch just to throw it back. Hang on, I’m gonna do it in Sholay style which co-incidentally my Bilogical Dadde had written.

And I’m gona win her heart, I mean the princesses.
And you know what, while doing so, I am gonna fly through the coaches,split my thunder thighs and still maintain my Ninja discreet look and my eyeliner intact.




Much more occurin’ after the Jump. And there’s the Moral of the Story!!


Oi Veer, Go to London.

Those overacting Missionaries are driving me insane.


Let’s go Bro to London. And not just anywhere, but to UCL.

We’ll learn the Angrez psychology in UCL.

I’ll be extremely happy to be your lame sidekick all my life.


Okay, now don’t speak anymore dialogues. You’re stealing my thunder.

Appa, these Angrez log, they dance and sing with me.

They caned me, but All iz well.

Time to break into a dream sequence song, take off my shirt although it’s still very cold here.


Time to show some awesome angst.

And the infamous Badass look.




I think I don’t have to try hard. Oh I gotta dance yet again



Oh dammit, that chick is Madhavgarh’s Yuvraggi to be.

Lemme tell ya gal- I’ll kill your bros and then I’ll kill yo dad

Cool. Still smitten


AND THEN..Veer and Punya, after taking out 5 kilos of gosht, go back to India without being prosecuted in anyway by the Angrez govt. How could they? Tell me, tell me!!


So what did you learn?

Dancing, lots of styles. English. Nothing regarding warfare,

conspiring plans etc etc.


Awesome. Pindhari Pindhari Pindhari

Time for some dance with Orange Jeans and

Fur Jackets and let’s cling our pseudo-Beer Bottles.


Oh Appa/Dadde – I is in Love. With Dhara….

Yashodhara from Madhavgarh…

Don’t Disturb


Cool. Imma gonna go there alone as a Yuvraj of some random place near Lahore.

Deceive the Brits + Madhavgarh, and win Yasho in the Swayamvar

Oi NDTV. They are organising a Swayamvar, but not crediting ya. It’s ok yeah?

Swayamvar Time. Unveil the Bahu look.



Time traveller Badass Brit guy from TNA



@ChunniBabu_Jaggu: You are so screwed Dude


No I am not, I still have a plan up my sleeve.

No not my golden arm, the other one.


Dadde, I has your Bahu. We are not gonna kill now.

I am non-violent now all of a sudden.


Dude, you’re so gay. I demand action between you and your Dadde.

Godammit, I was once Haidar Ali, father of Tipu Sultan in a National
Television series, where the war scenes in every episode made more
sense than the whole of this movie.


I’m gonna throw in a mythological reference now –

Bheeshma, yea I am like him.

Gotta Fight.


BTW, gimme some time to have my plan B ready.

Yasho, trust me, it’ll be done in no time.

Am tired now.

Appaaaaaaa… don’t whoop my ass pwease.


You guys underestimated the sleepwalking Jaggu Dada.



I am so dead. Hang on, I still have time to kill yo dad.

And listen, I am returning as my own son. Yeah, coz we did it last night ‘member.

Whaaaaaa???? You fell ASLEEP????

#FML !! All the heroism, the roars and the one night equates to NOTHING



Yep time for my Udhas face, yes that one.

No, still only friends with Pankaj Udhas.


Moving on…


Now you’re so dead dude.

Yeah me thinks too.


And so does me. Aiiyooo


I am back from the set of London Dreams…

dammit I forgot to change


This is for any future projects involving Rajneeti.
Calling Prakash Jha now.


Moral of the story:

Will someone fucking tell me WTF am I, Bharat Dabholkar, doing in this movie,

standing as one of the members of Stonehenge with a B-Grade movie

wala moustache?????

I am effin Bharat ‘Amul’ Dabholkar. Doodh ki Nadiya Baha Doonga.

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9 thoughts to “Tweeting the Movie: Review of Veer – Part 2”

  1. Dadde, tu sach mein mahaan hai. Blogpost complete kiya! Took one for the twam taaki humein ye ghatiya film na dekhni pade. In fact, tu itna mahan hai, tu Pindhari hai! :p


  2. ROFL at Bharat 'Poor' dabholkar. I was brainstorming when saw the credits. Where the hell was he???
    And that Rajneeti idea came to my mind instantly when I saw her.

    btw, doesn't Yasho.. sounds like a***ole ??? 😀 😀


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