While I was Hibernating!! – v.2009

What’s been up with the world? I have been in a long phase of hibernation from the blogosphere apart from the occasional tweeting. I know a lot has been happening, buzzing, creating waves if not ripples. We saw the rise and damned fall of the 13-song marathon that was “What’s Your Rashee?”, which I haven’t dared to watch yet, and will only do so once I get the DVD. I also heard of the final proof that YRF will never step out of the borders of Punjab, and that finally, Rani has resorted to losing weight and golden bikins. While Mayawati still remains unapologetic about the monu-‘mental’ case, Doordarshan turned 50. And I learnt a new equation which goes:

Salman + PrabhuDeva + Ayesha Takia = Nonsensical Gobar!

I have so much material to write about, the dilemma now is where should I begin?

Even amidst so much of business to be taken care, I did not miss the chance to watch the best sci-fi in years – District-9, which I will deffo write about in the coming days. Also checked out the Pilot episode of the most awaited TV series of this season – Flashforward, and by the looks of it – it does look like ‘Lost’ in a City [ if you know what I mean]. And then, there are the other season premiere which I was waiting for – Heroes and How I Met Your Mother. I have also promised myself to catch up on Torchwood Series 1 and 2 [now that Series 3 was so awesome]. Phew! So much telly to catch up on.

The Avatar excitement has pretty much died down for me. I know that the movie will certainly look eye-blowing and jaw-droppingly awesome on IMAX-3D. But after having seen District-9, I am not very sure if Navi’ and the Blue Alien universe created is gonna impress me as much.

Another ridiculous thing which sprang up this season was the ‘Internet Joke of the Season’ aka Kanye West’s stunt at the MTV VMA. He’s been the butt of all jokes this season, and do check this wonderful tumblr website called ‘Imma Let You Finish.com’

On the Bollywood front, I have lost hope that any more good is gonna hit us this year, unless ‘Three Idiots’ is released this year. Although I want to believe that Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladin is gonna surprise me with some good movie experience.

So there you go, so much to write about..!!! If you do have suggestions about what should I be writing about, shout it out in the comments section.

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8 thoughts to “While I was Hibernating!! – v.2009”

  1. The worst is yet to come. Not expecting much from Blue, Main Aur Mrs Khanna and all that. What a sad year!

    I haven’t watched the Nonsensical Gobar yet. Should I give it a try?


    Sujoy Reply:

    I hope Blue proves me wrong. Seriously, I need some good Hindi action movie.

    Wanted is totally upto Viewer’s discretion man; as in meant from viewers from Chhapra Jilla of 1982 when Jeetendra used to date Jaya Prada and also save the girl in his mohalla from getting raped by Raza Muraad’s chelaas. U get the picture. I really want to review this one. Keep watching this space for more 😛


  2. Loving the new headers by the way, how do you get it change all the time, it was different when i came yesterday


    Sujoy Reply:

    Oh its a random header generator which shuffles the header images I have. I just wrote a simple php code to do that. Innit cool tho!! Wait for it. Some more awesome headers coming soon 🙂


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