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October 16, 2007

Things that only happen @ the Movies

Okay. I found this on a certain site I can't remember properly. And well, I'm adding my list too into it. I'm sure I'll be back with a v2.0 for this one. For now here we go. Just don't fall from the chair.

Top 10 things that only happen @ the movies.

1. Passionately kissing someone who, until just a second ago, you thought you despised.
2. Losing all 14kg of pregnancy weight in the time it takes to OW-OW-OW-AWWW! birth the baby.
3. People leaping up to stop the wedding.
4. Thirty seconds of passionate sex and then bam! - she has an orgasm.
5. Wearing a bra while having sex.
6. Working as an unpaid intern at a fashion magazine and getting an entire couture wardrobe totally free.
7. Discovering that your cat can talk, your boyfriend can fly or there's an alien living in your toolshed.
8. Inspired, poetic, spontaneous 'I love you' speeches.
9. Day after day of perfect skin and buttery highlights.
10. Tom Cruise, always looking tall.

11. The most user friendly UIs on the most high-end state of the art Machines.
12.Virus gets loaded when it shows RED.
13. The Computer shut's down cos Monitor is shot .
14.Your car accelerates faster because you shift a gear up.
15.Buddy cops causing enormous amounts of damage to city (and private) property with no accountability.
16.Enemies are always horrible, horrible shots with their weapons, but you rarely miss.
17.The child wiz-kid cop-out. See Jurassic Park. The famliy is trapped and the security systems are down and password protected. The dinosaurs are closing in. The 8-yr old daughter announces "Wait, this is UNIX! I know this stuff!", then proceeds to fix everything with a few sudden keystrokes.
18.I punch you. You punch me. I punch you. You punch me. It goes back and forth, because neither of us wants to go down. Our. Heads. Are. Made. Of. Fluffy. Pillows.

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