Bollywood Podcast 2016 – Year End Special

Another year full of movies, and we look back at some of the ones that stood out – for good or bad reasons. Speaking at The Bollywood Podcast year end special of 2016,  our distinguished Bollywood Podcast panel – Beth (@bethlovesbolly), Asim (@asimburney) and I (@9e3k) .We also pick the movies that we are looking forward to watching in 2017. Enjoy the podcast!

Bollywood Podcast – Year End Special 2015 – part 2

Bollywood 2015

In our part 1 of the year end special, we had a catch up about 2015 in Bollywood, and the movies that stood out for us. In part 2, our distinguished Bollywood Podcast panel – Carla (@carla_filmigeek), Beth (@bethlovesbolly), and I (@9e3k) honour our favourite movies and performances. We also pick the movies that we are looking forward to watching this year. Enjoy the podcast!

Bollywood Podcast – 2015 Year End Special

Bollywood 2015

The year end special of Bollywood Podcast is here. Drum rolls!!! Joining me Sujoy on this special episode are – Beth (@bethlovesbolly), and Asim (@asimburney). What made it more special unlike any of our previous episodes was that we recorded it for real – as in not on Skype, but over a cup of coffee, at the BFI in Southbank, London. There were a few tech glitches and we lost around 20 minutes of ranting about Sharman Joshi’s career. But all in all, it was a very coherent round up of all the good, bad, and ugly that Bollywood offered to us in 2015. Check it out now!!

khoon bhari maang

Bollywood Podcast – REKHATOBER SPECIAL – That Crocodile Movie [Khoon Bhari Maang]

The Bollywood Podcast REKHATOBER special episode is here. And we are talking about THAT Crocodile Movie – KHOON BHARI MAANG (of, course! what else did you think it was going to be).

Joining me Sujoy (@9e3k | Bollypop) on this episode is my friend and Bollywood Podcast veteran, Beth Watkins(@bethlovesbolly | BethLovesBollywood). Amongst other things, we discuss about the fashion dance off, Filmfare Awards 1989, the many 90’s tropes that were found in this movie. And we also discussed the fan theories about what might have happened after the climax. And yes, we wrapped it all in just 36 minutes. LIKE A BOSS!!

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